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Monday, December 27, 2010

Belated Season's Greetings!

Hi everyone.  Tiffany & I had been out of town enjoying Christmas with her parents.  They live in a big doll factory near the Atlantic Ocean.  We arrived back in the town that Walt Disney built yesterday.  Traffic was wonderful and the holiday was nice to both Tiffany, The Seed and I.  The Seed loves the holidays, if not just for the 90-minute car (er... sleigh) ride!

History was made this morning for Chucky in Orlando.  This morning was the first time in the year 2010 that Chucky had to wear a jacket.  Tiffany & I enjoyed breakfast at Mimi's this morning and I actually put on a light jacket this morning for my walk from the car into the restaurant!!!  No, the temperature isn't too bad (31-degrees at 8:00 AM) but the wind gust has some "bite" to it.  Luckily, Tiffany & I haven't yet had to turn on the central heat.  We simply use a space heater in the evenings to take the bite out of the air.

Christmas dinner?  Since we elected to try a Quorn roast (man-made vat fungus) at Thanksgiving, we wanted to enjoy something new and different for Christmas dinner.  For our very first vegetarian Christmas dinner we enjoyed a 1-pound Original Field Roast Grain Meat Company "Stuffed Celebration Roast".  

Chucky & Tiffany's Christmas 2010 Entrée

Ingredients:  Filtered water, vital wheat gluten, expeller pressed saflower oil, naturally flavored yeast extract, barley malt, butternut squash, organic wheat flour, granulated garlic, apples, mushrooms, onion powder, garlic, organic wheat flakes, yellow pea flour, lemon juice, red wine, tomato paste, lentils, irish moss (sea vegetable) extract, black pepper, rubbed sage, rosemary, spices, natural liquid smoke and paprika.

Tiffany and I once again agree... A most delicious dining choice!  It's truly hard to explain the taste.  Definitely a wonderful predominant sage taste.  Texture similar to meat loaf.  It looks delicious, cooks in a variety of methods (raw is fine), and slices well.  The slices hold together well and later on Christmas evening I enjoyed a Celebration Roast slice on whole grain bread with mustard sandwich.  Awesome!

The Christmas dinner itself?  We enjoyed a Coppola Crimson Diamond Tempranillo with Celebration Roast, vegan gravy, mashed potato, green bean casserole, dinner rolls and pineapple marshmallow salad.  While enjoying homemade raspberry pie, we savored another bottle of that 2-live-4 Il Duca Imperiale 1917 Stella Rosa.  A most wonderful dinner with a most wonderful family of in-laws.

Chucky's family?  We'll be visiting them later in 2011 for a belated celebration.  We simply don't live close enough to visit everyone so we try to rotate Christmases each year.

Ugh!  That notorious "weigh-in" day will arrives in less than a week.  No ~ Don't expect good numbers because I enjoyed my holiday time.  Too many cookies, snacks, cheeses, crackers, wine, imported beer, liquor, candies, etc. over the holiday time frame.  Now that Christmas is over, it's time to get serious with the calorie counting.

I truly hope that everyone had a simply wonderful and warm Christmas holiday.  May each of you be blessed with a 2011 more rewarding than your minds can fathom!  May you slowly scratch-off each day as a grand prize winning Lottery ticket.  May you be so rich and rewarded that you're obliged to share the happiness and love with everyone that your heart touches.

Hi-dee hi-dee it-is-all-about-family-and-friends-ho my friends!

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