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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Welcome December! It's Baseline Time.

The measurements below are accurate and representative as of December 1st, 2010.  However, my words are written the evening before.  Yes.  It's November 30th. Tiffany and I are about to embark upon our third month as lifelong vegetarians.

Am I nervous for tomorrow's weigh-in?  Absolutely!  As I write this I truly believe that I may have minimally lost weight but cannot be absolutely certain until tomorrow morning.  If I did not lose weight?  What next?  Well ~ I can accept that I am learning to be a good vegetarian and have had my struggles limiting daily calories.

Tiffany and I were just discussing it over dinner this evening.  We may not be losing weight at a desired rate but we both feel absolutely fabulous and haven't the slightest inkling of regret or vegetarian remorse.  Now that Thanksgiving has passed, we have recommitted to more closely monitor daily calories.  Today?

November 30th 2010:  1,561 calories consumed by Chucky

The Diet Power entry above represents smoothie only for breakfast.  Lunch was 1/2 of leftover P.F. Chang's Buddha's Feast Stir-Fried on brown rice with tofu.  According to their web site's nutritional information, I've calculated quite high on the total calories.  I try to go heavy on my guesstimates rather than low.  Dinner?  Two black bean tacos with small side of chips.  Again, the chip portion served with the "Two Tacos for Tuesdaze" special is significantly less that their normal 1 order side portion that I used.

I tend to go a little high on my food log to compensate for the intangibles.  Today's intangibles?  Several pieces of seaweed (wild Atlantic laver) and about five seaweed rice crackers.  Everything else accounted for, I believe.

Chucky & The Seed
Weight:  313.8 lbs (Nov 1 = 318.4)
Glucose (fasting):  109 mg/dL (Nov 1 = 114)
Systolic:  128 mmHg (Nov 1 = 123)
Diastolic:  72 mmHg (Nov 1 = 79)
Heart Rate:  73 pulses/minute (Nov 1 = 74)
The Seed?  No.  She finds the whole plastic doll, silly mask and vegetarian thing quite humorous.  But, she's quite the ham and is getting her picture posted on the Internet isn't she?

Wow!  Sixty-one days practically without meat.  "What?  Practically?" you say.  I have to be honest.  There are still occasions where we have consumed non-human animal based broth.  For example, the noodle soups at Phat Thai Café only come in animal-based broth.  Sadly, no vegetarian choice for soup.  Maybe Tiger (owner & chef) can be convinced down the road to offer a vegetable-based noodle soup?  Oh happy day that would be indeed!

There you have it folks.  Tiffany and I now begin vegetarian month #3 of our journey.  It only continues to get better from here I assure you.  Regardless what numbers are posted for the picture above, trust me...  We will lose that weight!  Tiffany and I have some plan of attack which we have yet to share with you.  So, stay tuned and watch as we become healthy, fit, trim and live long meat-free lives together. 

Hi-dee hi-dee healthy-ho to you!


  1. Congrats on choosing such an amazing way to keep your bodies healthy! With my clients, health almost always precedes sustainable weight loss! Keep it up!

  2. Thanks Anne! And... we're just getting started. Pardon my pun but "weight until next month". :)