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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Vegetarian Times - Mac-and-Cheese Style Cauliflower

Cheese is milk’s leap towards immortality.

Laudation of well wishes to you my friend.  If we do this thing right there will be at least two people (you and I) out there today who plan to be positive, make a positive mark and leave a negligible trail.  A smile here and a compliment there can do wonders for someone’s day, besides your own.

Vegetarian Times - Mac-and-Cheese Style Cauliflower

Mmm, mmm.  Tiffany made some Mac-and-Cheese Style Cauliflower the other night which was absolutely incredible to the taste buds.  It was the picture on the cover of this month’s Vegetarian Times magazine that got us on but a single look.  It’s a simple and relatively healthy recipe.

Tiffany elected to use less cheese (real) than the recipe called for but substituted a very strong aromatic aged Irish Cheddar (Dubliner) that we had stored in our freezer.  We both are so fond of strong dry cheeses and Irish Cheddar cheese stacks up with the best of them.  Dubliner, goat, extra sharp cheddar, bleu, aged Swiss, gorgonzola, and feta cheese… Love ‘em all!  Anywho… I meander.

Vegetarian Times - Jan/Feb 2012

As tasty as it was on the first night, it became even more incredibly creamy and tasty the next!  This basic “cheese sauce” is pure gold!  I envision using the basic sauce recipe using broccoli, pasta shell, combination of broccoli & cauliflower, as a binder for chopped veggie soufflé, etc.

Do yourself a big favor and try this recipe.  If you’re vegan you can substitute a vegan cheese.  But, trust me… This dish is simply incredible.  Personally, I recommend allowing the dish to rest overnight in the refrigerator before baking it.  I think that this will give time for the tastes to blend and meld.

I love my wife Tiffany!  She finds and makes me the most delicious dishes.  Our similarity in tastes makes for some quite fabulous meals.

Hi-dee hi-dee check-out-the-Vegetarian-Times-web-site-and-their-recipe-index-ho my friend.

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