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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

It's Never Too Late To Begin Life

"We learn from history that we do not learn anything from history."
  - Author Unknown

Happy Leap Day!  I offer greetings, salutations, and wishes of the warmest kind towards you.  Are we about to conclude yet another month today?  Well then, let's simply make it an absolute terrific one shall we?

Whew!  It’s been 29-days with a new posting every single day.  I don't know whether I'll soon have another month with a new daily blog post each and every single day.  Hmm... What to post this final day (Leap Day) of February 2012?  Here’s a post that I never actually posted onto my own blog site.  I wrote it back on December 19th, 2010 as a favor to a fellow Blogosphere resident, Anne at Finding Your Zen Pulse.  I thought it would be a little nostalgic to share it here with you.

Here 'tis...

Hello everyone!  Today it's time for something a little bit different.  Anne (Finding Your Zen Pulse) asked if I would do a guest post and I'm very happy to share my story.

Let's look back.  Ugh... er...  Look back in time, not look at my back.

My pseudo name is Chucky, my wife's pseudo is Tiffany, and our spoiled shepherd-chow mix has been deemed "The Seed".  My story begins during the last week in September 2010 when Tiffany asked if I would will be willing to participate in World Vegetarian Month (began October 1, 2010).  I think Tiffany practically slipped on her wedding gown when I responded, "Yes, let's do!"

It could be argued that the story began the day that I was born.  Now, this is a very long time ago folks.  I won't share my age but let's just say that I can remember when water came out of a tap!  I can still remember seeing my first aluminum can, my first plastic bottle, disposable ballpoint pen, disposable lighter, and my first 8-track player!  Now, why won't I begin my story that long ago?  Because life never really began until Chucky and Tiffany began trekking down the righteous pathway of vegetarianism (lacto-ovo vegetarians - egg and dairy acceptable).

Middle-aged, overweight and a plethora of health related issues.  Sleep apnea, lymphedema, high blood pressure, acute obesity, high cholesterol - just to name a few.  I am a walking corpse and need to do something about it.  I believe that Chucky falls into that "dude-you-better-do-something-about-yourself" category?

Now that it has been 78-days meat free, what am I able to share with you?  First and foremost, both Tiffany and I feel incredible!  It's hard to explain but there is certainly more zip in our step, more taste on our tongues, and a truly wonderful feeling in our heart and mind.  I could not fathom going backwards to a carnivorous lifestyle.  It's just been too easy so far.  If I never lose an ounce or eliminate an ailment, I shall have had no regret for becoming a vegetarian.

Yes, there are items that I can no longer indulge.  As are there foods that I have yet to find an acceptable vegetarian substitute for.  But, let me assure you that there are many, many more things that I am able to consume than those which I am not.  It's simple really.  Look at a dish or plate and ask yourself, "How can I make this without using the meat?"  You simply have to think outside the culinary box. 

Miso, tahini, and tofu.

Anne asked me to share a recipe.  I immediately thought of the one vegan dish that I have made and remade countless times so far.  This would be Mock Cheese Spread.  It's amazing stuff!  I could never eat that Crock Cheddar Cheese Spread due to the calories.  But now I can using this low calorie vegan recipe.  Absolutely to-live-for (note the pun)!  I cannot tell you how many batches that I have made.  It's always kept on-hand in my refrigerator.

It's been a beautiful and wonderful stride down the pathway of vegetarianism!  Foods that we would not have otherwise experienced.  Knowing that we no longer consume mass quantities of growth-hormones, steroids, and mercury which are resident in the animal food chain.  It took a couple of weeks before our bodies detoxified and the feeling to kick in but we're there.  We are marching onward.  Pounds to drop and ailments to erase in the healthy vegetarian land ahead of me.

Why don't you consider to walk the pathway along side of us?  There is plenty of room and every reason to do so.  I can assure you that it's easier than you think.  Don't believe me?  Then do me the favor of locating a local vegan or vegetarian restaurant to dine.  Try the food and tell me that it's nothing less than superb and truly delicious.

Thank you Anne for allowing me to share my thoughts.

Hi-dee hi-dee healthy-road-to-travel-ho my friends!

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