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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wrap Planet 2-4-2012

NOTE:  It is with much regret (but many happy memories) that I must report that Wrap Planet is now out of business.

All normal people love meat.  If I went to a barbeque and there was no meat, I would say ‘Yo Goober!  Where’s the meat?’  I’m trying to impress people here Lisa.  You don’t win friends with salad.

I extend oodles of happy thoughts to you my friend!  May a plethora of joy envelop your whole being this day.  May you take this with you, spread it, and proliferate the feeling onto others.  It’s a wonderful planet, belongs to no-one and is loaned to us all.  It’s not truly your property to abuse, destroy or ruin.

No disrespect to Mr. Homer Simpson but you can certainly win friends with a Wrap Planet salad!  One look at the Caesar salad with tofu below and you’re taste buds are certainly to fall into love.  Trust me, it tastes even better than it looks.  Olga’s is not the traditional Caesar dressing recipe.  It’s a wonderfully unique making of her own.  If anyone understands the science of herbs and taste, it’s Olga at Wrap Planet.  She may be so humble to think not but I beg to differ.

Original Caesar Salad – tofu, romaine lettuce, Parmesan cheese,
low-fat Caesar dressing topped with tortilla chip croutons

My every attempt to duplicate or replicate her recipes has been absolutely futile.  The sauces and soups at Wrap Planet are a few notches above what you might expect and keep me coming back again and again.  Not a bad predicament actually.

The day of these photographs has Tiffany and Chucky sharing a Rockin Rollins Tofu wrap and a Caesar Salad with Tofu.

Rockin Rollins – tofu, guacamole,  pumpkin seeds,
steamed veggies, lettuce, ranch dressing in a wheat wrap

Wrap Planet certainly is hard to find the first time that you visit.  But once you arrive you’ll have no regret and it will not be your only visit.  When on Fairbanks Avenue look for the 7-11 and the UPS Store.  Wrap Planet is hidden in the parking lot enclave between the two.  If you miss the turn into the parking lot, simply go around the block and you’re in like Flynn.

Psst... the red arrow is a clue to the direction, okay?

I keep posting blogs about the place because it’s simply that good.  Excellent prices, generous portion, fantastic service, and an endless menu selection.  Remember ~ it’s not fast food.  It’s healthy good food.  Everything is made fresh to order and is not sitting under a heat lamp or inside a cooler waiting upon your arrival.

Hi-dee hi-dee Tiffany-and-Chucky-will-keep-returning-and-returning-ho my friend.


  1. Love Wrap Planet! It's a hidden gem. Everyone there is friendly and the soup's are amazing! Glad to see I'm not the only one that recommends it to people! You always pick great places to review!

  2. Thanks for dropping by and thank you for the comment Karen. I sometimes have to wonder whether I'm simply typing my words only for myself. (hehe)

    Yes, absolutely. I can't fathom anyone walking in and not finding something on the menu and not falling in love with the food that they are served. I, too, LOVE the fresh vegan soups. I cannot recall ever having ordered my meal without either a cup or bowl of the soup. Umm... last weekend was Cabbage, Broccoli & Eggplant Soup. It 'twas hot, fresh, healthy and delicious soup.

    Hey! Maybe we'll see you there? Look for the fat plastic bubble-headed guy with the red hair. Tiffany is usually wearing a wedding veil.

  3. Hey Karen! I was just thinking... Why not go over to and give Wrap Planet a review?

    Don't know about you but I love using Happy Cow to find new gems for dining.