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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Spaghetti Arrabbiata Classico

"Everything you see I owe to spaghetti."

Greetings my friend.  May this day be productive.  May this day be happy.  And may this day last forever.

What's this?  Chucky cooks pasta today?  Well... Yes in the literal sense.  I'm not making anything from scratch but shall be offering you a marvelous Christmas (or "holiday" if that's your cup of tea) gift instead.

Pasta, hot pepper oil, pasta sauce, and arrabbiata spices.

What you  are seeing here is a most wonderful and appropriate Christmas gift that my mother-in-law gave to us this past season.  Now, first of all let me preface to say that I had not the slightest clue what "arrabbiato classico" was.  However, I feel in love at first glance!  Really?  What can go wrong?  Pasta, pasta sauce, seasoning with hot chili pepper, and hot pepper flavored olive oil.  By the way, I looked up "arrabbiato" and it means "angry" in Italian.  Hmm... classic hot (angry) pasta.  Sounds good to this little 4-foot plastic bubbled headed dude.

Mother Nature's potpourri

Yes, the herbs, oil and tomato sauce tasted as good as it looks cooking!  The smells filled the household as the herbs re-hydrated and cooked.  Our kitchen smelled as nice as any fine Italian restaurant that I have dined.

Rome wasn't built in one day but betcha they ate a lot of pasta building it!

I'm killing you, right?  It was perhaps the most delicious Christmas gift that I have ever been given, chocolates included.  It was yummy the first night, the next day for lunch, and for several meals thereafter.  Nothing keeps nicer in the fridge than pasta, right?

I'm just tossing this blog post out there for two reasons really.  First, to give you an ideal for that difficult-to-buy person on your list and secondly, to provide my mother-in-law a hint for this year.  If it ain't broken, why fix it?  Tiffany tells me that she found this convenient kit at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross or the like.  One of those discounted department stores that carry last year's clothing and odds 'n ends.

Hi-dee hi-dee gournet-foods-can-be-the-perfect-year-long-gift-ho my friend.

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