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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The MET Live in HD: Don Giovanni

"Opera is where a guy gets stabbed in the back, and instead of dying, he sings."

Hello my friend.  Here's wishing you a fine day.  One worthy of the breaths you take, the images you see and the thoughts that you form.

Wolfgang Amedeus Mozart

I was so giddy on Saturday!  Yepperz... Another MET Live in HD performance at our local theater.  Broadcasting live from the stage in New York City this day was Wolfgang Amedeus Mozart's "Don Giovanni".  A most wonderful opera worthy of every minute of the 4-hours spent enjoying it.

The Metropolitan Opera's stage

Before the curtains were drawn but after the orchestra had began playing on conductor Fabio Luisi's queue, the prelude set a most wonderful tempo.  As I sat in the comfort of my theater seat, I was thinking to myself how lucky that I was to be alive this day and enjoying the sounds.  If I had not done or seen another think during my lifetime, this music was enough to establish a crescendo of life.  I sat there in that theater with a live MET performance before my eyes, Mozart's masterpiece treating my ears, and my most beautiful Tiffany by my side.  No sir (or no m'am)... this little 4-foot plastic bubble headed dude hasn't a worry or complaint in the world!

Polish baritone Mariusz Kwiecien (Don Giovanni) and Italian bass-baritone Luca Pisaroni (Leporello) played opposites equal each other to astounding perfection!  Ne'er a performer mismatch to their respective role in this magnificent presentation.

Don Giovanni is what I would probably call a most complete opera.  This one has it all... Mozart's composition, the MET orchestra's reincarnation of the notes, great operatic talent, wonderful set, and great story-line.  The audience receives drama, fighting, romance, trickery, humor, seriousness, sadness and every emotion between.

Synopsis sheet
In a nutshell, Don Giovanni is a playboy who about to be found out.  His misdeeds lead to him becoming a murderer and romantic interludes making him the desire of revenge of many.  You cannot but have a strange fondness for Don Giovanni but know that he shall eventually get his just due.

Coming up next weekend?  Siegfried.  The third part of James Levine's "Der Ring des Nibelungen" (The Ring of the Nibelung) series by Robert Wagner.  Last year's part I was "Das Rheingold" (The Rheingold) and then there was "Die Walküre" (The Valkyrie).  This year it's followed to conclusion with "Siegfried" and "Götterdämmmerung" (Twilight of the Gods).  Besides being magnificent MET performances, this is one of those events where opera meets Hollywood.  James Levine has brought some Hollywood theatrical "tricks" to the MET stage for these incredible performances.  From the first scene to the last, it's obvious that it took some really big money to present this series to we lucky viewers.  Don't miss it!

Hi-dee hi-dee live-opera-can-make-you-rethink-life-itself-ho my fine friends!

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