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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Perfect Storm (Er... Day)

"Being happy doesn't mean that everything is perfect.  It means that you've decided to look beyond the imperfections."
 - Author Unknown 

Hello!  Look beyond the negative, emphasize the positive, and move onward to the best day that you are able to make this planet.

Ever have one of those most perfect days?  Of course you have!  It might have been a tenth birthday, your first time driving a car alone, the birth of a child, or your wedding day.  All of us probably have countless "perfect" days during our lifetimes.  It's the "remembering them" part that is tough!

If you stare at this image
hard and long enough,
your eyes will get tired?

Lucky for me and perhaps unlucky for you, I clearly and vividly remember this past Saturday.  Without going into too much detail, besides being able to spend time with Tiffany; we visited Olga at Wrap Planet, visited Jeffrey at his "Ancient Olive" grand opening, watched The MET Live in HD presentation of "Don Giovanni", and visited Polonia Polish Restaurant to complete this wonderful day.

Budai.  Now here's one happy dude!
NOTE:  It is with much regret (but many happy memories) that I must report that Wrap Planet is now out of business.

We began with a much-needed trip to Wrap Planet.  Tiffany and I were beginning to have withdrawals.  We were immediately shocked as Olga has added more seating within.  A cozy warm & wonderful place to experience some delicious fresh and healthy food.  Tiffany & I shared some soft shell tacos (one mashed potato and one steamed veggies), a cup of fresh vegan soup, and an Oriental salad with tofu.  This was our pre-opera combination breakfast/lunch.  Delicious food, incredible price, and a pleasant person who runs the show.  Who could ask for more?  Tiffany and I certainly cannot.

After eating our meal and sharing pleasantries with Olga, we headed to a brand new nearby store "Ancient Olive".  Bryan & Jeffrey of The Spice and Tea Exchange have just opened this store across the street on Park Avenue, Winter Park.  I was soooo excited to have a new place to shop for fresh olive oils and flavor infused balsamic vinegars.  Luckily, Tiffany & I arrived early as Jeffrey was opening.  We got the grand tour and walk-through.

My gosh!  They have it all.  I'd guesstimate about 20 to 30 vinegars and about the same in fresh olive oils.  You are able to sample anything in the store.  I'm not going to go into great detail except to say that I shall be making a detailed blog post soon.  This day we bought a bottle of Mission fig balsamic vinegar and a super high-quality grade olive oil.

The opera?  Did you not open and read yesterday's blog post?  <grin>

Polonia Polish Restaurant?  Tiffany & I shared a side of mashed potato, a side of kluski noodle with creamy tomato sauce, and one order of sauerkraut & mushroom pierogies.  Pure homemade taste heaven, my friend.  Psst... I won't dare mention the apple struddel which Tiffany and I shared.  Hey!  It was a this kind of day and earns a dessert as reward.

Hi-dee hi-dee let-loose-and-have-yourself-a-perfect-day-ho my friend.

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