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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Taco Heaven at Wrap Planet, Winter Park, Florida

NOTE:  It is with much regret (but many happy memories) that I must report that Wrap Planet is now out of business.

Never underestimate how much assistance, how much satisfaction, how much comfort, how much soul and transcendence there might be in a well-made taco and a cold bottle of beer.
Tom Robbins, Jitterbug Perfume 

A standing ovation from me to everyone who logs on to read this blog!  I thank you so much for allowing my words to become but a small part of your life this day.  May your mind be enlightened, a smile be forced upon your face, or memories of something of pleasant days gone by appear within your heart. 

Who does not love a taco?  I'd bet that everyone reading this blog would have an infinite number if asked to count all of the tacos consumed in their lifetime.  And varieties... How many ways to make a delicious taco?  Just about anything edible can be smacked inside a tortilla shell and crowned a "taco".

Taco with tofu, mashed potato, and steamed veggies

This blog post will focus on the creativity, simpleness and most delicious culinary creation from Wrap Planet in Winter Park, Florida.  You can call it a taco but I desire to call it a piece of heaven in a flour tortilla shell.

Wrap Planet requests that you have your taco your way.

Like almost everything on Wrap Planet's menu, you can create it a countless number of ways.  Flour shell or corn shell?  Chicken, tofu, steak or pork?  (Guess which protein choice that Tiffany and Chucky chose?)  Steamed veggies or mashed potato?  Cheese, sour cream or neither?  Pico de Gallo, corn salsa or jalapenos?  I'd bet you a shiny little dagger that Olga would even be willing to include white rice, brown rice, or pesto sauce if you asked (nicely).

At Wrap Planet you are going to get a healthy and delicious taco.  The perfect ratio of tasty ingredients.  Nothing funky, nothing absurd.  Wholesome and deliciousness wrapped within your choice of flour or corn.

Add a cup of fresh soup and a drink and you've got yourself the perfect meal!

Hi-dee hi-dee Chucky-loves-himself-a-taco-or-two-ho my friend.

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