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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wine Tasting - Chateau La Salle Blanc

You are back!  Thanks for visiting my blog.  It's awesome to share a small piece of my life with you.

Yes.  It's wine time again.  The object of today's wine discussion is a sweet Californian white, Chateua La Salle Blanc.  Let's call it a "California table wine" based upon it's attributes.  If you closed your eyes to the label and allow your mind to temporarily travel to Italy, you might even call it a Moscato.

But my friends.  We're talking California here.  Hmm... The label doesn't identify either the varietal or true appellation.  Although produced in Modesto, California I would venture to guess that it's parentage is from miscellaneous grape varietals from far and wide throughout California.  This is a California wine thing when key words are missing from the label.

But ~ For only $5.99 what do you expect?  When Tiffany and I stood at the wine taste bar to sample this particular wine, we truly did not expect much for $5.99.  I thought that I might be spitting the sampling.

Point Score A:  83
Point Score B:  89

Chateau La Salle Blanc

Appellation: Modesto, California
Grape Varietal(s):  unknown
Retail Price:  $5.99
Vintage:  unknown
Producer:  Prestige Wine Group

Again, I shall let our wine tasting sheets (below) speak for us.

Review A
Review B

Both Tiffany and I were quite pleasantly surprised as the nectar of the grapes flowed upon our palates.  Riesling-like except no apple notes.  "Moscato!"  Buttery and sweet.  "What?"  "Only $5.99???"  "I'll take a couple of bottles Mr. Wine Purveyor, sir."  "Thank you!"

Hi-dee hi-dee Jeremiah-has-some-mighty-fine-wine-ho my friend.

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