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Monday, March 21, 2011

St. Patrick's Day - Eating Green

Top of the morning to everyone!

Yes.  I realize that St. Patrick's Day was this past Thursday (March 17th).  But I'm just getting around to writing this blog.  Sorry.  But better late than never, right?

No, neither Tiffany nor I are of Irish descent.  Myself?   I am of Chinese doll factory origin by way of Hollywood (my movies).  Why go out to eat on St. Patrick's Day?  Doesn't everyone want an excuse to celebrate on a daily basis?  Tiffany and I certainly did.

On St. Patrick's Day as I was crawling along at the world's crummiest software factory, I got a message on my cell phone.  It was from my friends at Green Day Café who were offering 10% off in celebration of the holiday.  I know, I know... It isn't the greatest discount but it pays for the tax (6.5%) and then some.

Besides, sustaining their eco- and organic approach to fresh foods comes with additional costs not burdened by your ordinary bland & fatty fast-food chain.  I, myself, have no issue paying a little extra as overhead for biodegradable cups, bowls, straws, lids, etc.  The immediate costs far out-weigh the long term cost being passed along to everyone's grandchildren.  And, too, Green Day Café meets me part way as their costs are extremely low for all that they offer.

7 Layer Rice Bowl
(brown rice, vegetarian black beans, colby jack cheese, western style guacamole, fresh salsa, zesty hummus, spicy buffalo sauce drizzle)

Can I share something with you in the strictest confidence?  Can you keep a secret?  Discount or not, it was a wonderful day to visit the Green Day Café.  Psst... Everyday is!

Sunset Veggie Wrap and Mushroom & Brie Soup
(Spring mix, cucumber, dried cranberry, walnuts, Gorgonzola cheese, tomato, and raspberry vinaigrette)

I figure from the most technical sense, both Tiffany and I did something most certainly "green" on this holiday.  From the 100% recycled materials within their restaurant to the 100% recyclable plates, cups, straws, etc.; could we get any greener?  If closer to home and the office, we could have walked or cycled there I suppose.

Add the delicious food, healthy choices, and 100% organic raw ingredients and Tiffany & I feel quite satisfied with our St. Patrick's Day dining choice.  Twelve months ago we would have gone somewhere to find consume a most carnivorous meal of corned beef.  I write this on the sixth month of my vegetarian life and can without any doubt or reluctance state that I do not and have not missed carnivorous meal choices.

As long as wonderful places like the Green Day Café exists, I have a plethora of dining choices.  In addition, I sacrifice neither quality, value, nor taste.

Hi-dee hi-dee reduce-your-environmental-footprint-ho my friend!

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