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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Let's Go Shopping!

Hi everyone!

While Tiffany and I were driving around town running errands our discussions turned to this blog.  "What are we going to write about?"  Then Tiffany and I shared a thought.  What about a blog to show what two people who have only been lacto-ovo vegetarians for 5 months shop for?  What was on our grocery list today?  What did we buy?  Why did we buy it?

Instead of prefacing, why don't I just jump into it and show you what we bought today?  Let's do this in the order of our stops.

Our first stop was our local Costco Warehouse Club.  We went there primarily for fresh spinach and crumbled bleu cheese but we never walk out with only the items we enter for.  Do you?  Costco clubs hold this magical power over its members.

Costco:  Cheeses, fresh bread, and pickles.

Costco:  Mixed nuts, organic baby spinach, and snap peas.

Next stop was Eat More Produce.  We went in for tomatoes and cucumbers but took advantage of current wine specials and found fresh basil at the checkout counter.  Oh!  And the wine specials this week.  Any two bottles of Crane Lake for $10 and three bottles of Vacceos for only $10.  Vine-ripened tomatoes are currently $1.49/lb.  Seedless cucumber, 3 for $3.  Then there was the 20% e-mail subscriber coupon. Having Eat More Produce around is truly a blessing!

Eat More Produce:  Cucumber, tomatoes, basil, and wine.

Next?  Phuoc Loc Tho Oriental Supermarket.  We needed lots of firm tofu and Lee Kum Kee light soy sauce.  I could have purchased tofu at our local Wally World (Walmart) earlier in the week but refuse to pay the highway robbery prices that they want for niche food items.  Walmart wants $3 for 16-oz of tofu!  Phuoc Loc Tho sells it in 19-oz packages for only $1.49.  Normal price all of the time.  Besides, Chucky is getting dangerously low on his Lee Kum Kee light soy sauce.  Quinoa, farro and wild rice just doesn't taste the same without it folks.

What is all of the tofu for?  Did you not read my recent "1-2-3 Easy Tofu Scramble" blog???

Phuoc Loc Tho:  Firm Tofu and Lee Kum Kee Lite Soy Sauce.

And then there was the final stop at Publix Supermarket on the return trip home to pick up some healthy wrap shells.  Nowhere else can we find these gems.  Only 50-calories per shell!  And... The La Tortilla Factory shells are both pliable and delicious!  Well worth the extra stop.

The sprouted grain bread?  Have you ever tried it?  Do yourself a favor and buy yourself a loaf.  You will never go back exclusively to flour bread again. I discovered this absolutely wonderful YouTube video on my Roku this morning:  "Top 10 Best Foods - Nutrition by Natalie".

Publix:  Tortilla shells and sprouted grain bread.

In a nutshell, today Tiffany & I purchased the following items:  cheese, bread, pickles, spinach, nuts, snap peas, tomatoes, fresh basil, cucumbers, wine, tofu, low sodium soy sauce, and low calorie tortilla shells.  Believe me when I say that 6-months ago I would have been embarrassed to share a blog such as this with you.

Hi-dee hi-dee some-change-is-good-ho my fine friends.

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