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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Green Day Cafe - Revisited (over and over again)

Salutations of best wishes my fine friend!

Uh-huh.  You guessed it.  Another blog entry for the Green Day Café.  "But... Why Chucky?  Why do you keep going on and on and on about this place?", you ask.

Mediterranean Platter  (Fresh Grilled Pita Bread, salsa, guacamole, hummus, & tabouli)

Well, folks.  It's that good.  And, in so many ways.  No ~ I don't expect you to jump on a bus, hop a ship, or charter a jet to get to Winter Park, Florida.  But, should you ever happen to be in Central Florida a visit might be well worth the short drive from the "attractions" area (Disney, Sea World, Universal, etc.)

Turkey Cranberry & Harvest Grain with Portabello Soup  (Turkey, walnuts, romaine lettuce, dried cranberries, and raspberry vinaigrette - substitute hummus for turkey)

It's quickly became the favorite dining spot for Tiffany & Chucky.  And, it's not just the food.  Certainly the food is a measurable reason but the little "extras" add up quickly.  "Such as?"

The food, the eco- construction of their building, the eco- friendly menu, the organic food source, the friendly staff, the menu variety, and the entire minimalized green footprint for everything they are striving to accomplish.  You simply walk in hungry and walk out completely satisfied.  From your tummy to your Earth conscious.  You just know that you did something good for the day!

Oriental Chicken Wrap & Cream of Squash Soup  (Chicken, spring mix, carrots, chow mein noodles, mandarin oranges, and sesame ginger dressing - substitute avocado for chicken)

So, if you take anything away from this blog might I suggest to consider your personal environmental footprint of the daily activities.  You don't have to make dramatic changes but each little bit counts.  Recycle that bottle.  Choose paper over plastic and Styrofoam.  And, patronize those who are "Earth future" conscious when making choices.  It's a competitive dining market out there.  Why not give your hard-earned dollars to those who seem to go the extra mile?

Hi-dee hi-dee have-a-minimized-environmental-footprint-day-ho my friend!

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