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Monday, November 1, 2010

We Have A Winner!

"Hobo" girl wins chicken!
Ladies and gents, I just wish you all could have been here last night!  At first I thought my home might have been in the path of the "Hundred Child March".  We had so many happy children.  "Mister! Was that a salmon puck that you tossed into my bag?"  "Mister?  I don't eat fish.  Can I have a frozen hot dog instead?"

I can probably sum up Halloween at Chucky's in a single word, "celebration".  Elation, joy, and the thrill of having a hunk of meat tossed into their little plastic pumpkin buckets.  If I had a block of tofu for every time I heard, "Mister...  I've never gotten trick-or-treat meat before."

The only one truly more excited was that little "Hobo" girl who was the first to ring our doorbell.  You'd think that she had been met at our door by Justin Bieber!  I may have seen tears of joy rolling down her hobo makeup.  I was choking and struggling to get the words to from my mouth, "Here little girl.  Have a frozen chicken!  Happy Halloween!"

She just stood there.  Mouth wide open.  The size of her speechless mouth was only slightly smaller than those big wide amazed eyes!  I stunned her!  She was flabbergasted.

My only regret?  Tofuber has ended and Halloween is but only one short night per year.  Hey kids!  Next year tofu, TVP pucks, seitan, vegetables and fruits!

Welcome Nomeatber (formerly known as November)!

Hi-dee hi-dee meatless-ho my fine friends!

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