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Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Caloric Truth

Okay.  Here's the scoop.  I find myself comparing my switch to vegetarianism like adopting a new diet.  I know.  I know.  I will inherently lose weight simply by dropping meats from my diet.  After all, I have dramatically reduced fat and cholesterol simply by adopting a vegetarian lifestyle.

But, let's be honest my friends.  Chucky is greedy.  No, wait a minute.  Chucky is really greedy.  He wants to accelerate his weight loss if possible.  And, how does he do this?

Speaking from experience (er... inexperience), the one tried and true method to weight loss is maintaining a food log.  To simply be totally conscious of how many calories consumed.  Myself?  I use a product call Diet Power (see screenshot below).  It tracks my daily food intake, tracks calories, metabolic rate and provides me an extra tool to achieve my goal.  Most enlightening and always astonishing to me is the price of food (calorie count, in my case).  I just ran today's numbers through Diet Power and I've got some serious work to do my friends.

I used to exercise due diligence logging my daily food intake but have been slacking lately.  Today's entries reaffirms my need to dust off the software and begin using it once again.  My goal is simple.  Eat vegetarian and monitor calorie count. I truly believe the two combined can best be marked by the metric accomplishments that I will share.

Wish me luck.  Your thoughts on Chucky's approach to weight loss and achieving true health?

Hi-dee hi-dee ho ya'll!

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