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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Chucky & Tiffany Love IKEA!

With my catalog, hat, jalapeno, Bragg's and dagger.

IKEA is not only a wonderful place for great values but also a simple breakfast value!  I don't know whether you are familiar with IKEA or not but each store has a cafeteria.  The cafeteria opens one half hour before the store officially opens for business.  They have a $0.99 breakfast every weekend morning (it's free during weekdays).  Its called the "Small Breakfast" and includes scrambled eggs, hash brown potato, and two strips of bacon.  For $1.99 you will get same plus three strips of French toast ("Regular Breakfast").

Tiffany and I always try to get to IKEA when the cafeteria opens.  We enjoy the $0.99 breakfast, a cup of coffee and wait for them to open the sales floor one half hour later. But what are two vegetarians to do now? We don't do meat any longer.

Oh no!  No more IKEA breakfasts?  "Most certainly not my dear friends!"  It's now time for "I'll have the small breakfast.  Hold the bacon, please."  What did Chucky and Tiffany do today?  They took along a jar of Bragg's organic seasoning and a zip-lock bag of sliced fresh jalapenos. A most delicious scrambled egg and hash potato breakfast, I might add.

Now that we are no longer carnivores, Tiffany and I must adjust, get creative and think outside of the culinary box.  It's no longer, "What do they have on their menu?"  It's now, "Based upon what's on their menu, what choices can I make?"

In truth, it has not been difficult these past 51-days.  Just about the only place not really catering to vegetarians is McDonald's and Wendy's.  Not that I have the slightest inkling but Burger King has a veggie patty burger menu selection.  Yes, both McDonald's and Wendy's have their salads but it that really offering non-carnivores true menu choice?  Psst... bypassing the fast-food burger joints really isn't a loss to either Tiffany or I.

Okay.  There are many other franchise chains also not catering to our new lifestyle.  But, more places offer us choices than those who do not.  

This morning a free burger offer from a national restaurant chain arrived in Tiffany's e-mail to celebrate her upcoming birthday.  "But I can't use it.  It's for a hamburger and I no longer do carnivore." Tiffany said.  Then I explained that there are two possibilities which may exist:  (a) they may have a vegetarian burger on their menu or (b) inform the server that you're a vegetarian.  I'm almost certain that the manager would allow substitution of any vegetarian selection of equal or lesser value.  They're not going to shun you because you happen to be a vegetarian.  Instead, they wish to acknowledge and celebrate your birthday.

Tiffany?  Oh, she's going to be a little over 18-years old in a few days.  (No dog house for Chucky.)

Hi-dee hi-dee IKEA-ho my friends!

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