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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

To A Seminar We Go

Hi everyone.  Tiffany and I had a wonderful time last night attending a free seminar by Jordan Rubin at Hoovers Essential Health Market.  In the cool crisp evening air of Central Florida under the big top tent, we enjoyed his 2-hour discussion regarding health, nutrition, and well-being.  Those really fine folks at Hoovers did an excellent job preparing for his visit albeit a few minor technical difficulties with the fluorescent lighting. 

When I RSVP'd to Hoovers to attend the free seminar what did I expect?  "Yes."  Exactly what you are thinking to yourself right now.  I pretty much imagined a dog-and-pony show.

And what did I see during my 2-hours expended?  "Yes!"  "Exactly!"  A dog-and-pony show.

Regrets?  "Absolutely not!"  Jordan was an excellent speaker and had much valuable information to share with the audience.  The actual sales pitch was only but a small part of his overall presentation.  Tiffany and I walked away knowing more about health and nutrition than we brought with us into the big top tent.  Neither of us has an iota of regret.

The single most valuable thing that I learned (coincidentally, the most shocking thing that I learned)?  I was stunned to learn that most of what Tiffany and I had already been doing was nutritionally correct.  What are we doing right?

  • We religiously use the Blendtec blender to maintain raw food structure, protect live enzymes, and maximum full nutritional value of the plant (by blending rinds, seeds, and stems).
  • We include extremely nutritional grain into our smoothies such as chia seed and cold-milled flax.
  • We include live enzymes into our smoothies.  This assists our internal organs to maximize nutritional absorption.
  • We include apple cider vinegar into our smoothies to add extra acid and enzymes.
  • We include omega-3 fatty acids into our diet.
  • We consume plenty of whole grains, seeds, and legumes in our diet.
  • We consume only healthy fats (olive oil, grape seed oil).
  • We have recently removed hormone laden dairy milk from our diet.  
What are we doing wrong or need to change?
  • We (er... "I") need to switch to organic dairy and non-dairy cheeses.  This particular predicament has a name.  This ailment is called "Chucky's Demise".
  • We (er... "I") need to add much more seaweed into my diet.  It's an outstanding source of omega-3 fatty acid.  As hard as it might be to imagine, Chucky loves the taste of seaweed.  I can recall eating my first seaweed pretzel as a young child.  "What is this stuff on the pretzel?"  "It's tasty."  Although extensively debated, there are some rumblings that a diet high in seaweed can assist in weight loss.
  • We will be switching over to pure coconut oil in lieu of butter and/or margarine.  Primarily because it's far superior on the nutritional scale.  Secondly because it purportedly imparts a wonderfully exotic flavor into those foods it touches.
What did Tiffany and I buy after Jordan's most wonderful seminar?  I know it's just killing you to know.  <hehe>  We purchased Garden of Life's 100% Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Immune Balance Sinus Capsules, and Grow Bone System.  Did we feel obligated to purchase something from Jordan's seminar?  "Absolutely not."  We listened, enjoyed, learned, and trusted his lecture and sales pitch.

If you have the opportunity and an open-mind, both Tiffany and I recommend you attend one of his seminars.  

Hi-dee ho-dee nutritional-high my friends! 

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