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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Chucky & Tiffany Go Grocery Shopping

Hmm... Besides "Shopping for Brains", what should I blog about today?  I'll tell you what's been on my mind.  One of the most noticeable lifestyle changes that Tiffany and I have experienced these past 34-days as newly converted vegetarians?  Grocery shopping!  Undoubtedly much, much simply than ever before.  So many things.  So many choices.

Besides being easier and more fun, it's been rather nice on the wallet as well.  Mind you, I'd much rather stash a dagger in the back pocket of my overalls than a wallet!  Fun?  How can grocery shopping be fun you ask?  Although it may someday wear thin and lose its luster, our weekly treks into both old and new markets are treasure hunts.  We just never know what exotic and strange new vegetable, fruit, recipe component, or non-meat packaged item we may stumble onto.

It's simply too.  We just breeze past the meat and deli sections of the market.  Instead we concentrate on the non-meat vegetarian-friendly regions of the food jungle.  You know.  It's that part of the store where monkeys swing from the ceiling holding blocks of tofu.  Where lush green gardens of bok choy, collard green, and spinach abound.  Where it rains almond milk, oat milk and tasty showers of liquid joy.  A quick glance at any item piquing our interest immediately triggers a barrage of subconscious questions.  "Is it meatless?"  "Are meat products being used as ingredients?"  "Can I even buy this item?"

I won't even begin to describe the thrill of walking through the newly discovered "health market".  From end-cap to end-cap, from isle to isle, from cashier to back wall... A true plethora of items, products, and tastes that we've never previously fathomed or imagined!

I suppose I simply could have said, "Keep an open mind when traveling the vegetarian road."  But that would be a rather short blog, wouldn't it?

You truly cannot say that you do not like something unless you've tried it.  Right?  For those items that stump the imagination ("What in the heck do I do with this stuff?"), the trusty web search can spit shine even the dullest of culinary creativity.  Go ahead!  Try something new.  Re-experience dishes from days gone by.  This time, try it meatless.

So, trust me... Should you elect to take the righteous vegetarian path of discovery I encourage you to keep an open mind.  Take off your blinders, open up your world of culinary discovery, and enjoy!  The payoff will be tremendously rewarding.

Hi-dee hi-dee successful shopping-ho my friends!

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