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Friday, November 5, 2010

Tiffany's TGIF Breakfast

Hi everyone!  Do you recall my sharing our intent to switch from dairy to nut milk?  Last week, Tiffany purchased and drank a quart of off-the-shelf almond milk (unsweetened & unflavored) to establish a baseline.  Tiffany has subsequently made her first pitcher (4 cups) of fresh almond milk.

  • Will it replace dairy milk?  "Yes, easily so."
  • Does it taste good?  "Yes, quite delicious."
  • Can I switch to the stuff?  "Yes, no problem."
  • Are the calories low enough?  "Yes, approximately 40-calories per glass."
  • Is it easy to make from scratch?  "Yes, just let the Blendtec blender do the work."
  • Will I choose to switch?  "Yes, have already decided to do so."
  • Isn't there left-over ground almond after I make the milk?  "Yes, quite a lot actually."
  • Is it cheaper than milk?  "Yes, much cheaper.  Costs only 3/4 cup of raw organic almonds to make 4 cups milk."
  • Is the expiration period greater than that of dairy milk?  "Yes, it keeps well in the fridge."
  • What will I do with all of that remaining almond meal (pulp)?  "Ah-ha!  We're getting back the reason for this blog, aren't we?"

And what did Tiffany do with the left-over ground raw almond pulp?  She made the most delicious organic cornmeal pancakes that included the delicious buttery almond meal.  Using Bob's Red Mills organic cornmeal pancake & waffle mix she used egg white, the left-over almond pulp, water and a tablespoon of canola oil.

The batch made six fluffy and delicious 4" pancakes.  Add some margarine and sugar-free pancake syrup and you've got yourself a very filling breakfast.  When I added the ingredients into Diet Power, it calculates to be 177-calories per pancake.  Yeah.  Although delicious and extremely nutritious, almonds carry a wallop of calories.  I ate two pancakes and they were more than enough to satisfy all cravings.

"Yes.  Yes.  Yes, mother dear."  I have already entered the Tiffany smoothie and the two pancakes into my food log for the day.  Lunch and dinner will just have to be a little lighter today.

Hi-dee hi-dee almonds rock my friends!

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