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Monday, November 1, 2010

Welcome Nomeatber! It's Baseline Time.


the eleventh month of the year, containing 30 days. Abbreviation:  Nom.
the second month in the year 2010 of Chucky and Tiffany's vegetarian lifestyle. 

Origin, Concatenation:
bef. 900;  ME; OE nā,  equiv. to ne  not + ā  ever ( see ay1
bef. 900;  ME, OE mete  food, c. OHG maz,  ON matr,  Goth mats  
bef. 1000;  ME, OE < L: the ninth month of the early Roman calendar, compound with novem nine;  for final element see December

Ugh.  It's time to lay down the metrics. Trust me.  This is what they mean when they say "the truth isn't pretty".  Pictures are worth a thousand words?  Perhaps pictures are worth a thousand pounds?  But, remember... the camera adds a couple of pounds. Can you at least give me this much?

Weight:  318.4 lbs
Glucose (fasting):  114 mg/dL
Systolic:  123 mmHg
Diastolic:  79 mmHg
Heart Rate:  74 pulses/minute

I originally had reservation of posting pictures and stats on my blog.  But when Tiffany and I discussed it, we both agreed it's really only sharing the truth, numbers and pictures will most certainly improve over time, and someday we'll both look back and laugh at these pictures.  Posting this particular blog reflects the faith and trust we both have in our lifestyle change. 

It's been 31 days meat-free.  I find it difficult to describe how much better we both feel.  Most noticeable for both of us is an elevated energy level.  Tiffany used to feel tired and dragging about 3:00 in the afternoons.  No longer.  Not since Tofuber 1st.

Me?  I tend to believe that it may be psychosomatic.  You simply feel better about what you're doing with your body.  When you feel better of what you're doing, you naturally feel better about yourself.   You feel better about yourself, your body reciprocates in kind.  Am I right?  Keep visiting and you shall see my friend.

Hi-dee hi-dee healthy-ho to you!

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