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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Observations - Day #47 as a Vegetarian

Hi everyone!  Let's keep this short 'n simple today, okay?

It's day #47 of my life as a vegetarian.  What am I able to share with you at this point?  Actually folks, it isn't too much at this particular time.  In the Vegetarian Land of my mind, I truly expected tremendously wonderful things by now.  Something beyond achievement perhaps?   Probably.  But, here's what I can say beyond a doubt:
  • I cannot see Russia from my front porch.  I can't even see Cuba from here in Florida!
  • It was not difficult giving up meat.  Of course, I never really much of a red meat eater to begin with.
  • Everything that I now consume is phenomenally better tasting.  I suspect that this may be a result of the body's detoxification process.
  • Vegetarianism is not a "magic pill" for immediate weight loss.  I still must closely monitor calories.
  • I'm trying and tasting foods that I probably would not have otherwise tried.  I have enjoyed some absolutely delicious dishes.
  • Vegans and vegetarians are all very nice friendly people.  Everywhere I go, staff and people in the health market and vegan/vegetarian restaurants are so polite.  They bend over backwards to share their knowledge and lend a guiding hand.
  • There is a whole heck of a lot of science behind vegetarianism.  Who knew what enzymes were or what they did for the human body before October 1st?
  • I may never learn to chew properly but I keep trying.  Chewing your food 30 or more times before swallowing serves several purposes:  releases hidden desired enzymes inside whole (non-chewed) food particles, converts starches into digestible sugars by use of salivation, and allows the body's chemistry to more quickly announce to the brain, "We're done.  We're full now."
  • I am shocked with the abundant use of growth hormones, antibiotics, and such fed to our meat source.  Thereby, passed along to the meat-eater.  But on a good note... our government (FDA, USDA, etc.) will protect us!  Won't it?
  • There are no "animals".  There are only "non-human animals".
In summary, I have absolutely no regret for making our change.  Mentally and within my infrastructure, I've never felt better!  I anticipate these feelings to grow and grow and grow.

Hi-dee hi-dee progress towards health-ho my friends!


  1. Good for you! It's been a great change for me and it sounds like a great change for you too!

  2. And a Happy 1st Anniversary to you today for being a vegetarian! Remember, Britt... If you ever "devolutionize" to a carnivore, I'm going to surpass you one day as a vegetarian!

    Hey. If Sarah Palin can create new words, why can't I?

  3. This is such great information and inspiration for people who are skeptical about trying to be a vegetarian. I am excited to see how this journey goes for you guys! How great!!

  4. See... I said that non-carnivores are truly nice people. Thank you for the kind words and encouragement Healthy Hostess.