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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Master Cleanse - 5 Days Down, 5 More Days To Go

"Could a politician win in today's world if they only stood on a platform of their achievements, their goals, their vision, and never made mention of their opponents?"

Hello there my friend.  Have a stupendous and most wonderful day!

Day #6.  It seems to get easier as each day passes.  Tiffany and I speak of, dream of, and think of all foods except lemonade every waking (and sleeping) moment but both agree it's not drive by hunger.  More so of delicious moderate healthy eating ahead of us soon.

Oh?  On day 11?  No.  We've got to wean ourselves back to solid food.  Day 11 is a switch to fresh orange juice.  Day 12 is fresh orange juice and a wee bit of fresh vegetable soup.  Day 13 is a little heavier on the solid foods and day 14 is back to normal.  Er... Excuse me.   "A brand NEW normal."

Guess what?  2.3 lb loss for me on day #6!!!  That's 20.2 lbs in just five days.  "I'll take it."  Uh ~ I'll allow it to go!

Hi-dee hi-dee let's-ski-the-downhill-Master-Cleanse-slope-ho my friend.

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