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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Master Cleanse - 2 Days Down, 8 More Days To Go

"Why do they call it 'toilet paper' anyway?  It's not exactly the toilet that it's been designed to wipe is it?"

I wish that everyone experiences a better day than yesterday no matter how good or bad the previous day might have been!

Day #3.  Not near as tired at the end of the day but Chucky had a mild headache.  I went to bed very early last night but slept well and feel on top of the world this morning.  Tiffany felt leaps and bounds better all-around yesterday.

For a change we used our Blendtec mixer to make our dinner last night.  We zested the outside of our organic lemons before dropping them into the Blendtec.  The lemon pith gives the overall consistency of the frozen concoction a rather smooth and mild taste.  I could still detect those nasty Cayenne particles on the back of my throat after each sip but it wasn't as bad.

In addition, the Cayenne particles (flakes?) suspended more evenly in the frozen version.  But, once again it was purified water + organic lemons + grade B pure organic maple syrup + organic Cayenne pepper.

Oh?  The medication?  Yes.  I continue to take all of my regular prescribed meds but have foregone all supplemental vitamins & supplements.

So far it's been an easier ride than either of us had expected.  We're thinking that today might even be the cleanse plan "hump" day as I read the first three days are the most difficult.

No hunger pains whatsoever!  Actually, I feel more satisfied than I did on the Kidney Cleanse (apple juice).  We have the natural inclinations to miss our favorite dining spots and I'd give anything for a solid piece of food.  But, I have faith that this process will reap beneficial results.

Oh yeah!  5.4 lb loss for me on day #2.  What a nice side-effect, huh?

Hi-dee hi-dee it's-going-better-than-hoped-ho my friend.

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