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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Master Cleanse - 6 Days Down, 4 More Days To Go

"It's my personal opinion that human beings are one of the most unintelligent species.  After all, we possess incredible abilities for logic yet we keep killing each other in wars, murdering each other in crime, mistreating each other on many occasion, depleting natural unsustained resources, and so on and so on and so on."

I tip my hat to you my friend.  May you experience nothing short of a most pleasant and productive day. 

Day #7.  Yesterday was truly tough.  No, neither Tiffany nor I experienced hunger but it was the habit of visiting our local restaurants that was difficult.  Although it's not distasteful, I am getting a little tired of lemonade.

Yesterday we attempted to make our day as normal as possible by running our errands.  The only difference?  No stops into our local establishments to eat breakfast, eat lunch, or grocery shop.

I, unsuccessfully, tried mowing the yard yesterday afternoon.  I did get the front yard completed but just barely.  I've never sensed a more heavy and difficult lawn mower to push!  I attribute this to the lack of calories and energy to expell for the process.  I hope to finish the back yard today.

All in all, Tiffany and I feel great!  No headaches, no pains, and no hunger.  We simply miss the solid food, the variety, and our regular weekend stops.

0.8 lb loss for me on day #7.  That's 21.0 lbs in just six days.  It may not be significant but it's loss just the same.

Hi-dee hi-dee the-tough-weekend-is-almost-behind-us-ho my friend.

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