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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Master Cleanse - T Minuse One

"Red lights are nothing but impediments to my traffic flow!"

May you and those around you experience a phenomenally fine day!  If you're so lucky, please share it and pass it forward.

Day #2.  Hungry?  "No."  Maybe a little bit but no more than usual this time of the morning.  Other than feeling a little tired and worn down towards the latter part of yesterday, all went well.

The concoction?  Don't particularly like the Cayenne pepper aspect. Oh, I LOVE hot pepper.  It's the nature of the pepper.  I simply wish it were in liquid form.  I don't like the 'chalkiness of the pepper flakes on the back of my throat as I swallow.  But ~ the Cayenne is a principal part of the cleanse to up the metabolism and assist in blood flow.

Oh yeah!  8.8 lb loss for me on day #1.  A nice side-benefit but don't suppose it'll last.  I'll keep you posted as these next ten days roll along.

Hi-dee hi-dee Chucky-and-Tiffany-keep-chuggin-along-ho my friend.

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