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Monday, October 8, 2012

Master Cleanse - T Minus Zero

"I expect perfection from those around me when I become perfect.  No-one has an iota to worry about!"

May each day be ten-fold better than the last my friend!  Allow and make wonderful things happen to those around you and you're off to a very good start.

T minus zero.  No coffee this morning.  Breakfast, lunch, dinner and all snacking becomes quite easy these next ten days... fresh squeezed lemonade + grade B maple syrup + Cayenne pepper.  This concoction and as much H2O that my heart desires the next ten days.

No coffee, no solids, no soda, and notta for the next ten days.  This is the Master Cleanse.  It's goal is to remove toxins from our bodies and give us a fresh start.  Upon conclusion, Tiffany and I will become MUCH more cognizant of what trash we dump into our bodies.  I plan and hope to abstain from processes foods and drive towards an organic vegan diet wherever possible.  Yeah... I suppose you can say that today begins the first day of my new life?

Hi-dee hi-dee return-and-hear-my-progress-ho my friend!

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