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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Vegetarian Emblem

Hello one and all, friends and non-acquaintances alike!

Nope.  Chucky has no enemies.  Just some folks whom I simply like less than others.  Hate is an ugly word and seems to be at the root of most of this World's problems; past, present and future I am certain.  "My God (or belief system) is better than yours!"

I prefer to believe that my beliefs, thoughts and ideals are simply no less important than yours.  I may not necessarily agree with the words spurring from your lips or dictated by your hands.  However, I don't believe that my beliefs, thoughts or ideals carry much credence unless I am willing to listen to yours.

It's like the right to burn the flag.  Yes, I believe that you certainly hold the right to burn the flag (no matter your country).  After all, freedom of expression is a liberty that my forefathers fought and sacrificed their lives for.  However, on the other hand, I truly understand it when that veteran soldier feels compelled to beat the living crap out of you when he sees you burning his flag.  Rights and emotions are equally strong expressions, are they not?

But... Chucky rambles.  Sorry about that.

Vegetarian Emblem

Why today's blog you ask?  Tiffany and I just received this most fantastic vegetarian emblem that we've affixed to the rear of our chariot.  Something to proudly show us committed and proud vegetarians!  It's so kewl!

I love this emblem so much that I thought I would share it with you.  A small business in California has designed and sells this emblem.  Quite a reasonable price too!  

I have no vestige or interest in the company.  I am simply a consumer who thought it really awesome.  I get no kickbacks, monetary gain, and provide this blog entry of my own choice.  It's a free country and you can make your own choice.  But... Chucky is thinking that there might be even one person out there who reads this blog who wasn't aware of such an emblem and might want one.  To check it out and perhaps order one for yourself, click here.

Hi-dee hi-dee share-something-awesome-with-someone-you-know-ho my friend!


  1. "there might be even one person out there who reads this blog who wasn't aware of such an emblem and might want one"

    That's me! I love this!! Totally buying one right now AND sharing it on my blog as well :)


  2. Outstanding Angie! This makes me so happy. I would like to see a day where every vehicle on the road has one and everyone driving those cars is a practicing vegan/vegetarian.

    I absolutely love the Veg emblem on our chariot and it easily identifies Tiffany and I. It speaks to others on our behalf.

  3. Tiffany & I are so excited! We just received our 2nd emblem from VegBuddha in the mail on Saturday. Now the second vehicle can look at sharp and defined as the family chariot #1. It makes me feel good to know that I am expressing my lifestyle whenever I pull the vehicle out of the garage.