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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Found A Hot Dog, Found A Hot Dog...

Hello everyone!  I hope that everything's better than a honey bee in an orange blossom for you and yours.

"Found a hot dog, found a hot dog.  Found a hot dog that I love."  "I've gone veggie, I've gone veggie.  But found a dawg that kicks butt."   Sing it to yourself to the chorus of Oh My Darling Clementine.

Yepperz my friend.  Chucky and Tiffany just ate dinner and are now doing cartwheels throughout the house!  "The Seed" is looking at us with a gleam of concern in her eyes.  But, she'll get over it.  She is certainly the sane one in this household.

Oh?  What's this hot dog thing that has me so giddy this evening?  We opened our first can of Vibrant Life's Vege-Franks.  No, this is not a Worthington (Kelloggs) product but rather from Loma Linda Wholesome Foods, Loma Linda, CA.  The texture, taste, and low calories have us sold.  Psst... there are 10 Vege-Franks in the can!  When removed from the can they are the same general size and shape as standard carnivorous hot dog.

We each ate but one Vege-Frank inside a hearty Alvarado Street Bakery Sprouted Hot Dog Bun.  Each Vege-Frank has 40-calories and the bun has 140-calories.  Less than 200-calories for a most wonderful vegan hot dog.

(L to R) Vibrant Life Vege-Franks and Alvarado Street Bakery Sprouted Hot Dog Buns

I grilled the Vege-Franks in a hot cast iron skillet and steamed the bun using the microwave.  As the Vege-Franks were grilling I covered the buns in a cloth towel to keep them fresh and moist.  Perfect!

(L to R) Vege-Franks and Sprouted Hot Dog Bun

Yes, my friends... Chucky and Tiffany will be enjoying many of these wonderful treats.  Tonight we enjoyed one each with a side of sauteed brussel sprouts.

Hi-dee hi-dee check-out-your-local-health-food-stores-canned-foods-section-ho my friend.


  1. These aren't sold in australia but they sound so good I want to sing your song

  2. It is a cute little diddley is it not? I would mail you a can but that would be one mighty expensive Vege-Link after shipping.

    Is there no Aussie manufacturer of canned meatless foods? We've got several here in the US and I have but tried two so far, Worthington/Loma Linda and Vibrant Life.