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Monday, April 18, 2011

Wine Tasting Smorgasbord

May the bluebirds of happiness flutter all about you the day long my fine friends.

What to report this fine day?  I thought a quick commentary on the smorgasbord that Tiffany and I indulge when we do our weekend afternoon wine tastings might be in order.  Previously we relied heavily on bread and olive oil for dipping.  

Humus, vegan cheese spread, blueberries, snap peas, cherry tomato, roasted peanut, grapes, sliced cucumber, baby carrot, and light rye Wasa crackers.

No.  This was quite delicious and paired nicely with the wines we consumed.  However, an afternoon of bread seemed to be contradictory to what we were targeting.  A health conscious lifestyle.  I'm not saying that bread and olive oil is necessarily an evil thing.  But, in moderation.  Trust me... When you consume a bottle of wine your senses and good diet judgement becomes impaired.

So ~ I am proud to share this blog with you.  It's what we enjoyed a couple of weeks ago and has been repeated since.

This smorgasbord is a later afternoon affair.  For dinner we share a light fare.  We've eaten lunch earlier in the day and have since snacked as we savored our wine.  We really aren't overly hungry when the clock strikes 6:00 PM.

Hi-dee hi-dee limit-your-excessive-indulgences-ho my friend.

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