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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Loving The Loving Hut

Hi everyone.

It's Sunday, April 17th.  Er... It was when I wrote this quick blog.  Tiffany and I joined friends at Pei Wei for lunch before our wine class, "The Wines of Tuscany".  After wine class?  We decided to drop by The Loving Hut on the way home to indulge in their Sunday all-you-can-eat buffet.  Never the same items and always nothing short of spectacular for each and every dish that is offered.

The Loving Hut - Success at the buffet table!

I don't know what to say about their food that I have not stated before.  How do they do it???  Stupendous in every aspect!  The outstanding variety is only surpassed by each dishes freshness and flavor.

Let me see if I can explain the items on my plate above.  Allow me to begin lower right and proceed counter clockwise.  The pita sandwich included meatless flavored pieces similar to slices of steak, tomato, cucumber, lettuce, cilantro, and Vegenaise-like sauce.  Next was a combination of kelp, potato, tofu cubes, and carrot slices in a light creamy sauce.  This may have been a starchy root vegetable instead of potato though.  Next?  Pasta linguine noodles with sliced carrot in a creamy light Alfredo style sauce.  Then diced eggplant chunks in a thick sweet soy-based sauce.  I spooned this over my yellow fried rice.  Then a combination of a starchy vegetable root (potato or something else) with carrots in a creamy thick curry sauce.  Lastly, fried starchy vegetable slices fried in a most tasty light batter mixture.  Trust me, each and every one of these dishes was fantastic.

Other dishes that I elected to simply forgo with this visit?  Vegetable soup, basic green salad, cabbage salad with tofu strips, white steamed rice, grapes, and a pudding dessert.  This was our fifth or sixth visit to their Sunday buffet and I don't believe that we have encountered a repetitious dish yet.  Amazing!  Truly amazing.

We park to the rear of the restaurant, walk through the rear entrance as we are greeted by employee & staff smiles and waves of kindness.  The patrons include a plethora of ages, races, ethnic groups and is quite diverse.  This I truly love.  People coming together to partake a similar interest... delicious and healthy vegan food.

Hi-dee hi-dee Chuck-and-Tiffany-count-themselves-lucky-to-live-near-a-Loving-Hut-restaurant-ho my friend.


  1. The Loving Hut "chain" of restaurants across the country are swell. Dr.Blueberry and I first ate at one in Cincinnati, Ohio, and admittedly it wasn't named The Loving Hut, but it's run by the same group of folks ( We loved the hut, but at first (as non-religious folks) were a little freaked out by the Supreme Master TV. Nonetheless, now that we've had a taste of the _all vegan_ food, we see if there's a location in the cities we travel to across the country!!

    All of this is to say that I'm glad you had a good experience!

  2. Hehe. Tiffany and I thought the very same thing about the Supreme Master TV broadcasts. But after a few visits and some Google research, she ("Supreme Master") is really just teaching be kind to animals, the planet, and the like.

    But on the initial visit I thought that I was dining at a cult establishment.

    BTW... what do they call the restaurant in Cincinnati?