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Friday, April 15, 2011

Fratty Melt

Hello everyone!

It's me again.  One of the neurons in my brain sparked the other day.  And, not only that but it was resident on my creative (right) side!  Seldom do neurons do anything on my creative side.  I wonder whether it was a left-side neuron visiting a cousin neuron when it sparked?

Introducing the "Fratty Melt"

Remember those Worthington FriPat from an earlier blog?  What was I going to do with thousands of 'em?  I had to go to Costco to buy an extra freezer just to store them all!  Just kidding.  I was checking to see whether you are awake.

Grilling sliced red onion and canned mushrooms

But, honestly... What to do with these delicious FriPats?  Obviously I could simply use them as delicious vegetarian burgers.  I could also use them for vegetarian crumbles but that would defeat the purpose of purchasing them formed.

Chucky is proud to introduce the "Fratty Melt".  The conventional carnivorous patty melt reworked à la healthy and sans steroids/growth hormones.

Bread, mushroom, onion, cheese, and FriPat

Fratty Melts screaming "Eat me!" from the skillet

Isn't it simply beautiful?  "Hey!"  "Not only beautiful but quite tasty I may attest."  Think outside that culinary box and keep it simply 'n healthy. Hmm... I might even include this picture in the family photo album.

Hi-dee hi-dee enjoy-a-FriPat-today-ho my friend!

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