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Thursday, December 15, 2011

The O.C. (Observations by Chucky)

"You can observe a lot just by watching."

Hi there.  Let's work together and make this a pleasant day, okay?  The rest of the World may not participate but at least there will be two of us living life with a purpose and a goal.

It’s time for a little something different.  For those of you who personally know Chucky, you know that I'm that round peg that has been pounded into the square hole.  I don't always look at life like everyone else (man, is this being understated).  People who I would like to sit with and share a beer before turning to ashes?  How about Steven Wright, Gary Larson or Scott Millburn?  I absolutely love the way their minds think!

I've decided to occasionally share some "Chucky philosophy" with you.  This could best be construed as an oxymoron?  But nonetheless, here 'tis...

Maitland Breakfast Club

Tiffany and I were sitting and sharing some breakfast the other morning at Maitland Breakfast Club when something odd came into conversation.  Don't ask me how it arose and it certainly was not Tiffany who brought the subject up.  But an observation that I stated to Tiffany about the economy and the downtrodden comes to mind.

It’s something that I have noticed about those who lose their jobs and are seeking new horizons.  Everyone is financially strapped and trying hard to make ends meet… to pay the mortgage, to pay the auto loan, to keep food on the table, to keep the children clothed, and simply struggling to maintain some resemblance of normalcy.

But know what I notice?  Almost every one of these same people have two things:  (1) a cellular phone with deluxe plan - unlimited voice, unlimited text, and unlimited data and (2) a TV in every  room of their house with the deluxe cable – HBO, Cinemax, ESPN, The Movie Channel, Starz, Showtime, and every channel in between.  “The Nose-Pickin’ Channel?”  “They’ve got that!

Chucky?  No.  I’ve been laid-off more times than I wish to remember.  The first time?  What was the very first thing that I did?  I quit smoking just as soon as rumor spread that lay-offs were around the corner.  In those days?  I smoked about 2-1/2 packs a day at about $2.25 a pack.

What else?  In those days I don’t believe that I had a cell phone.  But ~ if I had you can bet that I would evaluate my plan.  I would scrutinize and drop whatever frills that my contract would allow.

Cable?  “Dropped.”  Immediately deemed a frill and not a necessity.

Is it just Tiffany and I perhaps?  When times are tough you sometimes have to make sacrifices.  Housing, transportation, clothing and food are necessities.  Beer, cigarettes, cable, and entertainment are not.

I dunno.  It’s just an observation.  I certainly hope that I have simply observed the minority of the financially challenged crowd, not the mainstream.

It’s just an observation my friend.  It’s just my observation.

Hi-dee hi-dee thanks-for-allowing-the-O.C.-ho my friend.

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