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Monday, February 28, 2011

Vegetarian Month #6 Begins March 1st

Hi everybody!

Tiffany & I can hardly believe it.  March 1st commences our sixth month of vegetarian life.  Looking back to October 1st, 2010 it still feels hard to believe how easy it has been.  How much we've learned and the wonderful tastes that we've experienced.

March 2011 is month #6 of our vegetarian life

Regrets?  Absolutely none!  Well... Maybe just one.  That we did not begin traveling this vegetarian path earlier in our lives.

What carnivorous substance do I miss, if any?  Maybe an occasional fond remembrance triggers when I sit in Carrabba's Italian Grill and a plate of fried calamari or seared scallops passes me by.  When this occurs, I wish to myself that there were a vegetarian alternative.  But, such a little price to pay for health abstaining from these carnivorous things.

No, we're not losing weight... yet.  But I know that my body is much, much better off for this path that Tiffany and I have taken.  The mind and soul is leading my body mass down the path of vegetarian life.

Instead of turning this particular blog into a sermon or preaching vegetarianism, I just wanted to report that we're happy, becoming healthy and have not strayed our vision or path.  It truly was a simple life change to make for the both of us.

The biggest single thing that I have noticed?  Tiffany and I were discussing it on Sunday when we visited Dandelion Communitea Cafe for our first time.  It's easily how delicious vegetarian food tastes.  The freshness, the diversity of each dish, and the tendency to remain on the palate for many minutes after dining.

The reason?  I truly believe that carnivorous food has one huge advantage over vegetarian cuisine.  What's that?  With a carnivorous dish, you can simply douse the entire dish with animal fat (broth, animal fat, etc.)  With a vegetarian dish, you are unable to mask mediocre food with animal laden fat.  The taste must therefore be accomplished by the ingredients.  The use of herbs and fresh vegetables must accomplish this task on its own merit. That's why, no matter which vegan or vegetarian restaurant that we dine, we are truly amazed by the taste and pleasure to the palate! Bon appetit my fellow vegetarians!

Hi-dee hi-dee there-is-no-looking-back-ho my friend.

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