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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Vegetarian Life Month #5

Hi everyone!  Yes, it's been too long since I have checked in.

Today begins vegetarian month #5 for Tiffany and I.  Absolutely no regrets whatsoever!  Continued kudos to Dr Kelloggs, Dr Braggs, and many others.

Tiffany & I just returned from Christmas #2 with my family.  December 25th was celebrated with Tiffany's family this year.  We try to rotate each year.  We had a pleasant time in the panhandle of Florida and it was a safe trip there and back.

And... Yes.  We behaved the entire time.  I even cooked some vegetarian sausage rolls and veggie soup for dinner one night and everyone willingly tried it.  My family was pleasantly surprised.  No "Eewww!  Vegetarian food!" from anyone.

On the trip back home Tiffany & I tried our very first Burger King Veggie burger!  To be totally honest, I didn't expect anything more than a Morningstar veggie patty between a bun.  Instead I was served one of the very best veggie burgers that I have eaten lately.  Leaps and bounds better than the last one that I ate at the Elephant Bar and the one that I had at Mimi's Cafe!  Kudos to the Burger King franchise!

What was it like?  It was amazingly identical to the Burger King Whopper sandwich only meatless.  It was created, served and built just like a full-size Whopper sandwich except using a vegetable burger.  The only thing missing was that char-broiled taste that I recalled from my former carnivore life.

Tiffany and I both agree that Burger King can occasionally be included on our diet.  When the opportunity and need presents itself we will drive-up, order a BK Veggie burger sans mayo, and take it home to top it with some reduced-fat Vegenaise instead.  Tiffany quickly noted, "Too bad they don't make Vegenaise in those little take-out packets!"

I will try better to get back on blog-track and begin posting a little more frequently.

Hi-dee hi-dee watch-out-for-those-take-out-treasures-ho my friend!

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