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Monday, July 23, 2012

T Minus 3 Until Fasting

"If you've truly been treating others as you wish to be treated, just how have you been treated so far today?"

Hello.  I wish each and everyone nothing short of a truly stupendous day!  If you've been a good custodian & steward of our planet Earth and all of its inhabitants then you deserve this day.

"Uh-oh!  What ludicrous concoction or event has Chucky and Tiffany been staging this time?"  Before I proceed, let me preface my acknowledgement that there may be little scientific basis for our planned fasts.  However, I am always the first to believe that "mind over matter" can accomplish incredible feats.  No matter how crazy something may seem, if you believe it to be helpful the mind can make it so.  Its my sincere belief that the mind is potently capable medicine.

I've been both fat and happy most of my lifetime.  Why is this so?  Conventional wisdom dictates me to be an unhealthy and deteriorating soul.  How then can I be content and happy with my own being?  The mind!  I don't allow myself to ponder and dwell on my half empty glass.  Heck!  That glass still has something in it my friend.

In a nutshell, here is what we have planned:
  • Intestinal Cleanse:  Today, tomorrow, Wednesday, and after completion of fasting in approximately 2 weeks (3 months minimum).  Psyllium husks + black strap molasses + water before every meal.
  • Kidney Cleanse:  Thursday through Saturday (3 days).  Apple juice + distilled water + olive oil + lemon juice + salt water.
  • Gallbladder Cleanse:  Sunday (4 days, inclusive of Kidney Cleanse) - Gallbladder Cleanse.  Apple juice + distilled water + salt water.
  • Master Cleanse:  Monday through following Wednesday (10 days).  Lemon juice + maple syrup + cayenne pepper + water.

We scurried around town yesterday buying distilled water (8 gallons), organic 100% apple juice (8 gallons), 100% tomato juice (1 can), olive oil (1 small jar), black strap molasses (1 jar), psyllium husks (2 cups), 100% organic Grade B maple syrup (1 bottle), organic lemons (1 bag), and an extra hand-held lemon juicer.  We looked like health nuts on a mission.

I plan two things:  (1) try to post daily with an update and (2) cease if and when things don't appear to be working out.

Wish us luck!

Hi-dee hi-dee a-well-planned-cognizant-change-isn't-necessarily-bad-ho my friend.

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