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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

One Solid Day Remains

"If I were to believe in reincarnation, I'd pray every single day that I do not return to this planet as human being livestock!"

Good morning and great day my friend!  I see sunshine (perhaps liquid in some places) and a warm soul in everyone's heart this day.  Man, I sure hope that this comes to fruition.

This is it.  Tomorrow morning's breakfast, lunch and dinner is preordained as 100% unsweetened apple juice and distilled water.  Today?  Well... that's a different story.  <hehe>  We celebrate at a local to-be-determined restaurant tonight with "our last supper".

"Will it be difficult?"  (Uh... The cleansing, not the dining out.)  Most certainly!  But this is the first hurdle that I have jumped my friend.  I truly understand that a full body cleansing isn't without effort and some amount of pain.

"Will you and Tiffany succeed, Chucky?"  That's not a brilliant question!  (Er... Why did I type it then?)  It's my sincerest desire to complete the full process.  But I'm not stupid and ignorant enough to continue when signs tell me otherwise.  I'll be strong and diligent but not blind and stupid.  (Er... Some who know me might say otherwise.)

Enjoy your day.  I'll type more tomorrow.

Hi-dee hi-dee tomorrow-is-a-healthier-day-ho my friend!

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