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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Cleansing Hocus Pocus?

"There is perhaps a scientifically valid reason they call them 'fast food' rather than 'delicious food' or 'healthy food' franchises?"

Hi!  May happiness and healthy overwhelm your day my friend!

I've been doing some research on fasting recently.  For every proponent I find an equally stanch opponent.  I suppose it depends on simply too many factors to make one's judgment an easy one.  Are you over-weight?  Are you experiencing underlying health issues?  Are you under doctor’s supervision?  The questions are practically limitless.

Tiffany and I?  We're choosing to do this for purely health reasons and I subscribe to the belief that any weight loss is temporary weight loss.  I subscribe to the principle that it's basically a "starvation diet".

"Then why do the cleanses, Chucky?"

I was reading yesterday during my lunch hour.  They happen to be one of the many opponents of this cleanse I have stumbled upon.  However, I beg to differ with some of their observations and conclusions.

They take the argument that the human body is designed to cleanse toxins which we humans consume.  They argue that this is the functionality of the liver, the kidneys, the intestine, etc.

I somewhat challenge this point-of-view.  Back when humans were cave people, I might agree.  Our ancestors ate wholesome and natural meats, berries, fruits and vegetables.

Take us to the 21st century.  We managed to pollute our waters, our air, and our foods with pesticides, hormones, steroids, GMO's, etc.  We're expected to believe that a body designed for healthy intake is capable of taking on the added crap we humans have added onto the plate over the centuries?  I think not friend.  That's akin to thinking that we can operate our gasoline engines with 50% added water isn't it?  Psst... Please DO NOT try this, okay?

Hi-dee hi-dee utilize-knowledge-with-a-hint-of-wisdom-ho my friend.

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