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Friday, July 27, 2012

Day #2 - Kidney Cleanse

"How come Glade doesn't make room air fresheners in masculine smells like 'Stock Car Races', 'Camp Fire Smoke', 'Diesel Fuel', 'Honey, I've Been Fishing!', or 'Axel Bearing Grease'?"

Greetings and a plethora of well-wishes to you my friend!  May you be blessed with a most magnificent day.

It's been one day, 60-ounces pure apple juice, 164-ounces distilled water, and 2-teaspoons non-iodized salt later.  Yours truly kinda forgot how many ounces in a gallon and drank about 1/2 as much apple juice as he could have.  But, on another note, I truly feel satisfied with what I did consume.

Any biological changes?  Of course, when I jumped on the scale I found that I was missing quite a few pounds.  "How many pounds, Chucky?"  Because it's not truly relative to the purpose of our cleanses I prefer to defer in sharing this data, okay?  Other than weight loss, I feel perfectly fine.  I'm no hungrier than I ever am and my only pain are subtle aches in the head which I attribute to lack of caffeine.

It's right before a delicious wake-up breakfast of apple juice and I've checked my blood glucose this morning.  It was 127 which is about normal for me.  Luckily this tells me that the increase sugars from the apple juice aren't being harmful to my internal chains, hoists, and cogs.

Tiffany and I both feel fine although we miss solid food.  Drinking nothing but liquids is so weird!  Two more days for the Kidney Cleanse and we tag on Sunday to complete the Gallbladder Cleanse.  If all goes well, we jump right into the Master Cleanse on Monday.

Hi-dee hi-dee I-know-I-can-I-know-I-can-ho my friend.

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