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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Day #3 - Kidney & Gallbladder Cleanse

"I've never heard of anyone dying from Mad Tofu Disease!"
 - Anonymous - As Seen on a T-Shirt at 2011 Orlando VegFest

I send greetings and wishes of warmth to you my friend!  May this be nothing except a truly pleasant day.

It's the middle of the afternoon on day #3.  Nothing but pure apple juice, distilled water, and salt for the past two and one-half days.  And the most obvious question, "How do I feel?"  I feel great except I've felt a little worn down later in the afternoons.  It seems like a night of rest gets me recharged again.  I also have the off-an-on mild headaches which I'm still attributing to caffeine withdrawal.

Surprisingly I haven't been hungry except within the confines of my mind.  I'm not physically hungry but visions of solid food keep appearing in my thoughts.  Also, the habit of placing my grubby little hands onto something solid to eat isn't quite satisfied by grabbing onto a glass of apple juice!

This day concludes the "Kidney Cleanse" part but actions tonight and tomorrow tack on the "Gallbladder Cleanse" finale.  Tonight Tiffany and I have to down 1/2 cup of olive oil and 1/4 cup of fresh organic lemon juice before going to bed.

From what I have studied, it won't be an absolutely pleasant experience either.  Basically, convulsions of the gallbladder will purportedly expel anywhere upwards to 50 small gallstones tomorrow morning.  I've prepared myself mentally for an awkward night of rest and active morning tomorrow as my bodily functions do their thing.

After this?  Tomorrow continues as pure apple juice and distilled water except no quart of salt water required tomorrow night!  :)  Monday?  I could conclude this series of cleanses but hope to immediately embark on a 10-day Master Cleanse instead.

So, if all goes well I should be enjoying solid food in 13-1/2 days or so.  Oh yeah... I naturally dropped a bucket load of pounds this morning too!

Hi-dee hi-dee tomorrow-is-a-cleaner-day-inside-ho my friend.


  1. Did your doctor give you the okey-dokey for this?

  2. Hi Anonymous. No. I did not consult my physician as I already know those foods/vitamins which contradict my medicines. I'm only consuming pure organic natural foods on these cleanses. Nothing odd, unusual, or that I would not ordinarily consume. Of course, I proceed carefully and cognizant of any adverse reaction and am willing to quit if so deemed.