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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Really Quick Greeting & Update

"When I was a kid, if you would have told me that they would be bottling water and selling it to people I'd laugh my butt off at you!"

I sprinkle a dash of my very best wishes to everyone this fine day my friend!  May life be finding you happy, healthy, and doing as well as one might expect to be doing.

My sister has told me something.  Ever since big brother has began his new job his blog postings have diminished considerably.  LOL  Well... 'Tis true.  I don't know whether this is a good thing or a  bad thing.  My blog continues to get a good amount of daily hits but no-one has commented on my absence.

The job?  In five words, "I love, love, LOVE it!"  It's everything that my previous job was not and an absolutely dream job.  I truly believe that this is the job from which I shall retire, economic conditions enabling it so.  I love the people who I work with, the company that I work for, the job which I have been tasked to do, and everything else making up the entire employment package.

It's about a 22-mile country drive across town in Orlando if you can believe that!  I drive against the flow of traffic going to work and returning home at night.  I don't see too much traffic other than driving over and under I-4, the toll roads, and the turnpike.  

The Honda Civic Hybrid?  Love it!  I've been averaging around 46 to 48 miles per gallon using regular gasoline.  I fill-up every two weeks.  It's comfortable, has respectable pep, and keeps money in my wallet.  I could not have chosen a better vehicle.

That's it.  I just wanted to pop in here before heading out to work and say, "Hey!"  I've got a lot of blog posts in the works but free time is a luxury right now.  Maybe once the new job dust settles I may add a few more entries.

Take care my friend.   Enjoy life and maximize every minute.  Time cannot be returned except in the form of memories.

Hi-dee hi-dee life-is-great-ho!

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