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Friday, July 22, 2011

Wine Tasting - Valserrano Finca Monteviejo Cosecha Rioja 2006

"Penicillin cures, but wine makes people happy."
 - Alexander Fleming (1881-1955), the Scottish bacteriologist credited with discovering Penicillin in 1928

Hello my friend.  May a smile be placed upon your face by someone else's action and passed along by you to another.

Yes, another fantastic wine sampled by Tiffany and me at the June 26th "The Sexy Wine of Spain and Portugal" class.  This wine selection is a high scoring Spanish wine of Tempranillo grape heritage.

Chucky's Point Score:  94
Tiffany's Point Score:  96

Valserrano Finca Monteviejo Cosecha Rioja 2006

Appellation:  Villabuena de Alava, Rioja, Spain
Other:  Denominacion de Origen Calificada
Grape Varietal(s):  95% Tempranillo (old vine) & 5% Graciano & Garnacha
Retail Price:  $41.99
Vintage: 2006
Producer:   Bodegas de la Marques
Alcohol:  15.0%
Calories:   104 per 4 ounces

Tasting notes as follows.

Chucky's Tasting Notes

Tiffany's Tasting Notes

The label reads as follows:

"Made from grapes from a single vineyard planted in 1948.  The "Monteviejo" estate, which has a very low yield per hecta acre.  What allows to achieve the maximum expression of the "terroir".  Tempranillo (95%), Graciano and Garnacha (5%).

Aged in new French "allier" and "nevers" oak casks for 16 months and bottled without fining.  So it is possible to find some sediment in the bottom of this bottle.

Intense aromas of red fruits, exotic woods and toasted spicy nuances in the mouth. It is meaty, round and tasty with powerful and sweet tannins, long and lingering.

It is a good match for red meat and game dishes, as well as some deserts, like cured cheeses and chocolate.  Serve at 16°/17°C.  It will reach its peak after 2-3 years in the bottle."

A dark purple wine with powerful aromas of eucalyptus and licorice on the nose.  Elegant tastes of dark cherry and dark fruits upon the palate blended with tastes of chocolate and coffee (or tobacco).  An elegant bold delicious red wine from "old vines".  This wine has a tiny production of less than 500 cases annually.  The vines have aged and struggled for 62-years to produce this most magnificent elixir.

A most perfect bold red aged wine.  Elegant characteristics deserving high marks from both Tiffany and I on every measurable level of our scores.  Yes, we were so fortunate to have sampled this wine and purchased a bottle for our wine cabinet.

Hi-dee hi-dee this-wine-is-K-I-L-L-E-R-stuff-ho my friends.

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  1. Hey chucky. Good question. When I used to buy regular old beets at the grocery store I do recall them tasting like dirt when I juiced them. Recently, ive bought "certified organic" beets and I'll be the first to admit I dont even scrub them. if there's visible dirt on them I might wipe it off, otherwise I cut them in half (raw) and into the juicer they go. They taste smooth, sweet, and delicious. Not a bit like dirt. so in conclusion, i dont do anything special to them. Hope this helps!