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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tiffany Loves Me and She Showed Me So!

"An archeologist is the best husband any woman can have; the older she gets, the more interested he is in her."
 - Agatha Christie

Hello!  May you be blessed with a smile upon your face that will not go away today.

Today's blog subject sounds intriguing and caught your attention, right?  Wow... I could go sooo many ways with this.  <insert evil grin here>  But... I won't.  Today's blog revolves around what Tiffany placed into my "lunch bucket" today.  

While I was standing in the company's kitchen heating up parts of my lunch I could not but help to observe how simply healthy it is.  And, why is this?  Nothing short of Tiffany looking out after me, showing care and concern, and providing me with a healthy & substantive meal.  I stood there looking at my lunch and feeling proud of what I am about to eat.  I can assure you one thing...  My lunch would have never looked like this back before October 2010 (Chucky's Carnivorous Gluttonous Eatinous period)!

Veggies, apple, wrap, and soup

Today's lunch?  Cauliflower & Bombay Potato in a multigrain wrap, fresh homemade Sweet Potato & Lentil soup, mixed raw veggies (cherry tomato, sliced cucumber, and radishes), and a red delicious apple.  I just thoroughly enjoyed my lunch and am now typing these words.  I feel full and my mental state is ecstatic knowing what I have just eaten.

A minimally pre-packaged lunch affair.  Only the Bombay Potato came from a package.  However, even this was a vegan based product that leaned towards the healthy side of the scale.  Wholesome, nutritious and every bit as delicious as it may look above!  My lunch was covered in an invisible veil called love.

Tiffany wants me to live healthy, stay nourished and live long.  Man, I was so tempted to use a Star Trek quote from Spock but that would just be too easy!  <hehe>  Tiffany and I love each other more as each day passes.  She always has been and remains my best friend.  We hold hands, we do things together and I am not whole without her.  But... it's the simple things like what she packed in my lunch that truly reinforces the love she must hold for me.  A silent kiss on the lips before I sit down and consume my lunch.

Am I a lucky little plastic bubble headed doll or what?

Hi-dee hi-dee what-is-in-your-lunch-bucket-today-ho my friend?

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