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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hot Diggity Dawg

"A highbrow is the kind of a person who looks at a sausage and thinks of Picasso."
 - Alan Herbert

Greetings my friend!  May every minute of your day exude rays of sunshine and arches of rainbow.

OMG!  Chucky just learned that he is highbrow (see quotation above)!  Say it ain't so!  Say it ain't so!  Sorry Mr. Herbert... I rather believe it's because I am a vegetarian and have newly discovered the joy of an edible fennel sausage.  So... phooey on you my dear man.

Spicy Fennel Sietan Sausage in sprouted grain bun with fixings

If this picture doesn't make a vegan or vegetarian smile and salivate, it is only because they were raised as such and animal flesh never met their lips.  First of all, permit me to clarify my fennel sausage fascination.  It's not the pork or meat that I so crave.  It's those fond memories of the taste of fennel seed when combined with the texture of a really good sausage.  Neither Tiffany nor I would have ever thunk we'd find a recipe for a most excellent vegan fennel sausage substitute.  But, my friend... we have.

I cannot take credit for the recipe.  Nor shall I boast about placing it onto a bun.  Yeah... that's certainly an ingenious use for a sausage.  <LOL>  I might take a little credit for marrying Tiffany who led me to the promised vegetarian lands and whose culinary aptitude made me this delicious lunch box surprise.  What could be as nice and pleasant surprise to find in one's lunch bucket a spicy fennel seitan sausage tucked in a sprouted grain bun, a light slathering of mustard, delicious grilled onion and topped with a half slice of lite Swiss cheese?

"Stop it Chucky!  Enough of the fluff stuff.  Where do I get this purported killer vegan fennel sausage recipe?"  Wow... You folks are demanding (as would I be).  The credit for Spicy Fennel Seitan Sausage goes to The Millennium Restaurant and Shaheen over at Allotment 2 Kitchen for getting the permission to share.  Vegan Dad also has a version which he calls Homemade Sausages.  Do yourself the favor of visiting these blog sites where you shall find culinary vegan nirvana.  Cheaper than a one-day ticket to Walt Disney World and a lot healthier than theme park food.

I followed the Spicy Fennel Sietan Sausage recipe except (oops ~ hehe) added just a little more fennel seed (2 tsp, freshly crushed) and steamed them wrapped tightly in aluminum foil.  i used a rice steamer and ordinary water.  Next time I plan to slightly roast the fennel seed on the stove before preparing the sausages.

Hi-dee hi-dee these-vegan-fennel-sausages-look-and-taste-like-the-real-thang-ho my friends.

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