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Monday, July 11, 2011

Reinventing Your Past

"History is a set of lies agreed upon."
 - Napolean Bonaparte

Hello everyone!  I hope that these words find you healthy and well.  If not, than may your day be hopeful and full of improvements.

Flan (crème caramel)
Sorry for the brief absence.  Lately I've noticed that there are more chores to be done than there are hours in the day.  I know it's getting really bad when my sister e-mails me to inquire why there hasn't been any new blog posting in quite a few days.  She asked if perhaps I had joined the ranks of the carnivores!  <gasp>  I think that my sister envisioned me crouched over in a dark corner of the kitchen gnawing at animal bones which include some amount of flesh and barbeque sauce?  Think of your standard horror movie except it's me and I've become a carnivore.


So... Why today's post?  With what enlightenment do I propose to bestow upon you this day?  Although I have some great posts in the planning, I haven't any recipes to share with you today.  Instead, it's time for a reflective moment that I hit upon over the weekend.

Kidney beans

When getting our "Wrap Planet fix" over the weekend, Olga had Tiffany and I try a piece of her flan.  "But Olga, I don't particularly like flan." I told her.  I don't particularly dislike flan either.  It's just one of those foods that I simply never crave or yearn for.  Probably a good thing since it's part of that "dessert" category of foods.  The type of stuff that my doctor continually preaches to refrain from having.  

Anyway, Olga was successful in getting me to at least try it.  Since I'm not allergic to flan and it certainly wasn't going to kill me for trying... Why not have a taste, huh?  Guess what my friend?  Chucky LOVES flan!  Perhaps not any old flan but certainly the flan that Olga at Wrap Planet makes.  I was somewhat flabbergasted in my taste bud's "brain speak".  You know... When the tiny little brain cells in that plastic bubble head of mine wake up to shout to the senses, "Hey!  This stuff ain't half bad dude!"

Later in the weekend as I was sitting down enjoying a healthy and nutritious vegetarian dinner of Vegan Asparagus Soup and a Moroccan Potato Wrap, guess what?  Yepperz... More of that "brain speak".  Then I realize that since becoming a vegetarian little sparks have continued to explode within that plastic cavity that I fondly call my head.  Every vegetarian meal has become my own personal Fourth of July to the taste buds and I've explored tastes never before encountered.

But wait!  I'm not necessarily eating things that my past carnivorous self had not eaten.  So why the sudden change in the mental process upon consumption?  Flan, asparagus, chick peas, lentil bean, kidney beans, cauliflower, zucchini, yellow squash, sweet potato,...  This list goes on and on.  I can easily state that I lived a lifetime hating beans of any kind.  However, these other foods simply did not do anything for my palate.  My taste buds never spoke up and rejoiced when I had eaten them as a carnivorous child.

What gives?  It's strictly my personal belief (call it a Chucky hypothesis) that I now eat these foods as opposed to supplementing them.  When a carnivore, these were not the key elements of the dishes that I consumed.  They were usually side dishes or additions to meat dishes.  Now they sit upon my plate as the shining culinary star.  They've been prepared with more care and diligence than ever before provided.  They're organic, they're fresher, and they speak for themselves when placed upon my dish (as opposed to being slathered in animal fats).

Of course my taste buds may be more pronounced now that I have given up animal flesh?  No more steroids, hormones, and antibiotics to affect my palate.  Just simply fresh organic vegetables.

Just my two-cents, if you will.  I now happily consume items that I never once gave half a chance in my past.  Becoming a vegetarian has opened my eyes, my mind, and my palate.  Yet another great reason to take the leap away from carnivorous tendencies, huh?

Hi-dee hi-dee join-me-on-the-vegetarian-path-of-life-ho my friend.

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