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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Love: Then and Now

"Marriage is based on established roles of compromise: the husband always admits to being wrong and the wife forgives him."
 - Author Unknown

Literary utterances of best wishes to you this fine day.  And, what makes this particular day a "fine" one?  You, of course.  You control your daily destiny and others only attempt to influence it.

A little something off of the beaten path today.  A reflection of growing older and becoming more health conscious?

Then: My mother places a Little Debbie snack cake into my lunch box because she loved me.
Now: Tiffany places an apple in my lunch box because she loves me.

Then: I give "The Seed" table scraps as a treat.
Now: I give "The Seed" sliced carrot, cucumber and celery as a treat.

Then: My mother uses Crisco to fry me a chicken fried steak for dinner.
Now: Tiffany uses Pam non-stick cooking spray to fry me a veggie burger for dinner.

Then: To grab a quick bite to eat when running about I stop at McDonald's (Big Mac, large fries), Burger King (Whopper, large fries), Wendy's (Double Stack w/cheese, large fries, Frosty), Pizza Hut (pepperoni pizza, hand tossed crust), or Kentucky Fried Chicken (fried chicken, biscuit, mashed potato, gravy).  Note:  In these days there was no such thing as "KFC" because they sold only fried chicken.
Now: To grab a quick bite to eat when running about I stop at Firehouse Subs (medium Grilled Veggie sub, whole wheat, no mayo), Subway (Veggie Delite, whole wheat bun, no mayo/sauces), Burger King (BK Veggie Burger, no mayo), Wrap Planet (everything acceptable),  Green Day Cafe (everything acceptable, substitute hummus for meat), or Papa Murphy's Pizza (veggie pizza, thin crust).

NOTE:  It is with much regret (but many happy memories) that I must report that Wrap Planet is now out of business.

Then: Let's use commercial white bread!
Now: When available, sprouted grain bread.  Otherwise, whole grain wheat bread (look at nutritional label).

Then: Potato chips, tortilla chips and crackers for snacking.
Now: Pickled veggies, hummus, baked whole grain chips (limited quantity), fresh fruit, and sliced veggies for snacking.

Of course, the above could simply be the rantings and ramblings of a really old person too.  Never mind.  Go on with your day.  Thanks for visiting though!

Hi-dee hi-dee life-changes-us-every-minute-ho my friend.


  1. This is cute! Isnt it funny how times change. Have a great Sunday Chucky!

  2. I'd be curious to know the "then" and "now" of your weight and health status as a result of these changes!

  3. Hi Angie. Ugh... Now you've got me into a pickle. On November 1st 2010 I was at 318.4 pounds ( Today I am at 344.0 pounds ( Up 16 pounds in 9 months if I'm rightly ciphering so.

    Hmm... I guess this only goes to explain why we're not finding vegetarians and vegans slumping over and wilting away to nothing all over this planet of ours?

    But, rather than being accused of being a snake oil salesman, hang in there with me and check back occasionally, okay? You haven't seen anything yet Angie! We're just getting started on Phase II of my vegetarian adventure!

    Thank you for the comment. It's appreciated that I'm not just typing these words only for myself. :)