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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

One Small Footstep at a Time

"Anywhere is walking distance, if you've got the time."

Hello everyone!  Let's make this a better day than we had intended and then we will have exceeded our expectations.

Yes.  This is a wallet.  (You're good.)

Today's post?  Do you like puzzles?  No fair peeking ahead of course.  What is the difference between this:

Pic A:  The "150x" might help on this picture.

And this:

Pic B:  Can you see me waving way back there?
Just kidding.
But what about Pic A versus Pic B?

Scratching your head, huh?  I won't keep you wondering.  Pic A are grains of sand magnified 150-times.  Pic B is a beach containing many particles of sand.  I was going to count the numbers of grains for you but not only would you doubt me but you'd probably challenge whether these particular grains came from this particular piece of real estate.  <LOL>

Okay?  What relevance do the pictures of dirt have to do with that wallet above?  It's all to provide an analogy.  I'm gonna betcha that this beach did not simply appear overnight.  It took eons for this beach to appear.  Exercising some literary license, probably one grain of sand at a time.

The wallet?  It's my simple move from a leather to a synthetic (nylon) wallet.  I hope that I never own another leather wallet during the remainder of my lifetime.  No, I loved my former leather wallets but that was then and now is now.  I've changed and want to commit myself to doing the right thing one simple step at a time.

Tiffany and I have moved towards glassware in our kitchen replacing plastics.  We've also migrated towards stainless steel water bottles and on rare occasion making a plastic water bottle purchase.

No.  I have an absolute LONG way to go.  And I will never free myself entirely of animal-based products.  Next?  I'm trying to locate a nice nylon belt for my tremendous wasteline.  Do they even have enough nylon to make such a thing?

But... The crux of my plan is to make one small footstep at a time.  I won't be leaving this World as nice as I found it but I can at least try to exit with people acknowledging that I tried.

That's it folks.  Just a momentary jump up onto the soap box.  I'm back down again.  So...  Get back to that plastic water bottle and finish that lunch in the styrofoam container!

Hi-dee hi-dee remember-that-every-little-bit-matters-ho my friend.


  1. Very inspiring! A vegan girlfriend of mine has stopped buying any food that comes in plastic. Repeat: any food that comes in plastic. That is mind blowing to me. Does any tofu NOT come in plastic??

  2. That would certainly be tough and I admire her for going the route. I've heard that some Chinese restaurants make their own fresh tofu so perhaps this is how she obtains it? Commercially, all tofu that I have seen is indeed packaged in plastic.

    Ha... I feel guilty for replacing my leather wallet with vinyl instead of natural fiber (cotton). Every decision presents its own dilemma I suppose.

    Thanks for the feedback RocketQueen. I hope all is going well on your side of the pond.

  3. Watching Earthlings was finally what I needed to stop buying leather, though I kept all the leather I already had/have and will use it until it's no longer any good - I look forward to the day the bf and I will buy a car and I get fussy about what the seats are made of ;)