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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Central Florida Veg Fest 2011 - Part II

"Life is a festival only to the wise."

Hello once again my friend.  Funny finding you here on this most excellent day (to be).

Back to the Central Florida Veg Fest 2011 which was held this past Saturday at Loch Haven Park, Orlando, Florida.  When compared to the Central Florida Earth Day 2010, I believe this to be a much smaller event.  I don't quite understand why except perhaps its limited scope.  After all, Earth Day and environmental causes encompass so much.

No matter the comparison, it was certainly a "don't miss" event.  It will forever have permanent markings on Tiffany & Chucky's itinerary calendar of events.  An event designed to celebrate vegetarianism and to honor World Farm Animals Day.

Chef Ellen Jaffe Jones preparing Veggies in a Blanket

They could not have selected a more truly wonderful sunny Orlando afternoon to hold the event!  Plenty of sunshine, morning low 55-degree F, afternoon high 76-degree F, gentle breeze throughout the entire day, and a plethora of exuberant smiling & friendly eco- and animal- conscious people.

Whether you believe in Allah, Buddha, God, Krishna, Wicca, another entity, or absolutely nothing; it's the type of day which might help one understand the wonderment of our planet Earth.  You cannot ignore the gift which each of us is born onto.

There were events for people of all ages.  There were lectures, food demonstrations, food vendors, consumer expos, informational booths, animal rights booths, music, and almost everything in between.  It was quite easy for both Tiffany and I spending the 8+ hours entertained and educated.  We met nothing except wonderful people (and their pets) throughout the day.

Scheduled Food Demonstrations

My primary intent was to watch and learn from the seven planned cooking demonstrations.  At Earth Day I learned so much and my expectations were met at Veg Fest.  I was also fortunate enough to catch most of Ellen Jaffe Jones (The Veg Coach) presentation, "Eat Vegan on $4 a Day - A Game Plan for the Budget Conscious".  Tiffany and I were able to watch 6 of the 7 food demonstrations, sample a wee bit of healthy vegan grub, and visit quite allot of the booths.

To be continued...

Hi-dee hi-dee why-can't-there-be-a-Veg-Fest-everyday-ho my friend.

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