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Sunday, October 2, 2011

How It All Started

"There are two mistakes one can make along the road to truth... not going all the way, and not starting."
 - Buddha

Hello everyone!  May you be blessed with tidings of joy all the day long.

Hmm... Let's call this Saturday II. Why?  Simply because this post would have occurred on my blog yesterday had it not been for timing of Tiffany and my 1 year vegetarianism anniversary.

"Happy World Vegetarian Day 2011 (plus one)!!!"

"Wow!"  "You are indeed a sharp cookie, my friend."  So... Now that you have deducted that World Vegetarian Day 2010 is what prompted our stroll down the pathway of vegetarianism, what shall I write about???

I can specifically remember Tiffany asking whether I would like to try a single day as a vegetarian after she found the advertisement in one of our healthy cooking magazine subscriptions.  After all, we did tend to sway toward tofu when dining out.  Giving up meat for one day would be easy based upon our dietary habits.  We weren't exactly a "meat and potatoes" kind of couple.

I think that Tiffany's internal organs plopped to the bottom of her waistline when I countered, "Sure.  Why not try it for a month instead?  I don't think it's going to be difficult for the two of us (based on our food preferences)."

Well, my friend.  One thing led to another.  Towards the latter part of October 2010 we both agreed how easy and simple this act was.  Hmm.  Why not keep this thing going?  We targeted removal of all meat and meat products from our household.  I can guarantee you that Tiffany and I had the World's happiest carnivorous neighbors in November 2010!  Without a doubt!

They got bucketloads of seafood, prime beef, pastrami, brisket, pork sausage and everything between.  Lucky for them, Tiffany and I had two stocked freezers of animal flesh and animal flesh products.

Well... There you have it.  This is basically how it all started.  Other than when replying "I do.", this was the best thing that Tiffany has ever done for me.  I, perhaps, am the World's luckiest and happiest man alive today!  I've hit the vegetarian lifestyle lottery each and every day since September 30, 2010.

Hi-dee hi-dee it's-a-most-wonderful-life-I-live-ho my friend.

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