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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Simple & Quick Hello

"If life handed you lemons, were they sent COD?"

Hello everyone!  I hope that my greeting finds you well, healthy and enjoying what life has to offer.  Sometimes the best medicine is to simply stroll outside and take a walk through the woods or in a park.

I head into new job, new life day #3 this morning.  My prognosis so far?  Outstanding!  Simply outstanding!  It's beginning to scare me.  So far it has been exactly the place which I have been looking for (to work).

Great people, solid company, reputable company, terrific product, and I am able to learn a few new tricks along the way and rid myself of some of my brain rot.  I love the challenges!  And they've tossed me to the wolves so I'm off and running today.

My biggest challenge has been met.  I get it.  The business model and modus operandi make sense to me.  "Whew!"  What a relief.  <hehe>

Well folks... That's about it for today.  I haven't much to add right now but felt I owe you at least a few words.  I'll keep you posted, okay?

Hi-dee hi-dee there-are-job-gems-out-there-ho-my-friend.

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