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Friday, May 11, 2012

Job Change Update

"How much wood would a woodchuck chuck?  I dunno.  And... Tell me why I'd be just sitting around spying on the woodchuck chucking?  Sounds a wee bit perverted if you ask me."

May the bluebirds of happiness flutter about you and poop happy-happy joy-joy upon you!  Yeah... I wish you to have this good of a day.  "Hey!"  "Just brush it off (with a paper towel sheet), keep a smile upon your face, and keep on moving onward."

Thought that I'd take a quick break to update you on week #2 of my new job.  In two words, "Love it!"  I wake up every morning now knowing that I am the luckiest man alive.  The perfect wife, the perfect pet, and the perfect job.

What I see when I look
at myself in the mirror

Besides arriving to find that everyone is knowledgeable, friendly and hard working; I find that the 22-mile trek across town isn't as bad as I had feared.  What I did not foresee is that I travel against the traffic going and returning from work.  I basically have but a single intersection near the interstate where things periodically back up.  I'm finding the travel relaxing.  Approximately 45-minutes of quiet traffic-free roads.  My only true obstacles are school buses and I will eventually learn their schedules to avoid them.

2012 Honda Civic Hybrid

The new Honda Civic Hybrid?  Our first fill-up exceeded my expectations.  I calculated 45.6 miles per gallon.  And, that's primarily stop and go city traffic.  It's EPA rated as 44 mpg city and 44 mpg highway.  Unless something severely changes it looks like my second fill-up may average somewhere towards 49 to 50 mpg!  It's comfortable, has a lot of pep, and is truly easy on the wallet.


The job?  They had me taking on tasks by day #4.  There is still an awful lot to learn but most things are coming easy to learn.  The infrastructure is quite similar to my prior job.  Instead of stinky yellow widgets I am working on fresh green widgets. Because I am in software support, I've basically got to learn every function in the company so that I am able to manage the ERP software package.  Guess what?  They have hired the right 4-foot tall red-headed plastic bubble-headed guy!

Hi-dee hi-dee I-have-finally-hit-employment-pay-dirt-ho my friend.

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